Woodford Reserve.

Woodford Reserve.

A must do for anyone visiting the Lexington area is Woodford Reserve (or any of the Bourbon Distilleries on the Bourbon Trail). It was top of the list for us to take our in-town guests.

We started off the day by refueling with breakfast at Shakespeare (on Short Street). Which to my surprise, now has an upstairs room and a private party room (you can see this on the Love_Lexington instagram) and our guest absolutely loved the decor!

With our bellies full, we loaded into the cars and head off in to the country side.

This drive out to Woodford is absolutely stunning…take your breath away stunning. The car was full of ooh’s and ahhh’s as we twisted and turned through the horse farms.




We got our tickets and made ourselves comfortable out on the patio. It’s the perfect stop to soak in some of the country side. Woodford’s Distillery gets pretty packed on the weekends… I highly recommend getting there early or you will be waiting some time to take your tour (as did we).

I love that Brian picked up and sported his new West Sixth baseball tee for the occasion.


Go ahead and grab yourself a snack from the snack bar (you’ll probably be here a while.) It’s full of tasty treats from The Midway School Bakery.


The new lobby and tasting room are perfection. I love all the wood tables, big over-sized chairs, and comfy leather couches.


And this fire place…it’s a picture perfect fireplace!


Can we just hurry up and get to the tasting room behind the fireplace?? Look at those bottles just sitting back there teasing us.


It was a rainy Saturday. Not idea for touring a distillery, but we made the best of it and threw on our boots…rain boots, cowboy boots, knee high fashion boots.


The buildings on Woodfords property are so incredible! (Behind that stone lies lots of Bourbon Barrels sleeping…shhhh!)


As your tour begins, your guide explains what makes up Woodford’s bourbon (and what sets it apart from other bourbons). I’d fill you in…however I was too busy playing photographer and not paying attention. I thought I’d remember it all since I just visited last summer.



The fermentation part is my favorite. To think it all starts here, in these giant, bubbling barrels.






How adorable are these two? I’m seriously glad I have friends that love selfies and social media as much as I do.


WF21 WF22

It’s still crazy to me to think that this little distillery pumps out all the Woodford Resereve you see on the shelves. And that they still have in place a system that was used in the early 1900’s.


WF24 WF25

Why yes, I will take a glass of Woodford to sip on, and rock in these rocking chairs.




What a glorious sight! Bourbon barrels from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.


I’d like to think that the molasses forming around the bottom of the barrel tastes like sweet, honey bourbonbut I’m sure it just tastes like gross, sticky, collecting dust from sitting for so long, wood. Yuck!


Can you get these installed in your house? It’s like a fountain machine of bourbon. Yum!


As we waited for the bus to come snatch us up and whisk us off to our bourbon tasting, we were able to get a stranger to get a group shot.

Say cheese.


Finally, my favorite part of the tour, the bourbon tasting! The new tasting room is so much more “woodford” than the previous. There is a spot for each person on the tour, preset with Woodford Reserve Distillers Select, Double Oaked and a bourbon ball.


Your tour guide will walk you through the proper way to taste your Woodford. First, inhaling the beautiful aroma. Second-a sip…being sure to cover your entire mouth with the bourbon. Then on your second sip, you should be able to start determining the different flavors.

I’ll be honest…I tasted a lot of cinnamon in my Distiller’s Select…mouth on fire, full of cinnamon.

After tasting the Distillers Select, we moved on to the Double Oaked, which we learned is a smoother bourbon and repeated the same process as above.

Ahhh…the double oaked is right up my alley! Smooth, oh so smooth. Just as they promised.


Finish off your tasting with the rich, bourbon hinted, chocolate ball. These little goodies have to be straight from heaven!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stay around to see if anyone didn’t eat their’s….


Kudos to Woodford! The new lobby and tasting room are beautiful and go along perfectly with their new slogan, “The Woodford Way.”

The only recommendation we could think of would be to add a Woodford bar, covered in beautiful reclaimed woods, exposed bricks, full of worn-in leather sofas, a few of your grandpa’s perfect leather lazy boys, and a roaring fire place. The perfect place to sit back, sip on a glass of bourbon or bourbon-inspried cocktail of your choice.

A girl can dream, right?