Winter Capsule 2017

Winter Capsule 2017

row 1: v-neck | body suit | stripe tee | leather sleeve tee (old)

row 2: sheer top | stripe button down (old) | plaid button down | Bell Sleeve Tunic (old)

row 3: stripe turtle neck | gray turtle neck | cardi (old) | cardi (old)

row 4: fringe sweater | black mock neck | cream cable knit | oversized cardi

row 5: sleeveless sweater (old) | fur vest (old)  | maxi tunic (old) | drop waist tunic (old)

row 6: v-neck jumper | flower jumper | maxi skirt | denim overalls

row 7: black overalls | dark skinnies | boy jeans

row 8: distressed black skinnies (old)| sailor flares (old) | released hem gray jeans

row 9: frye sashas  | lace up boots | black booties

The new year has started…and I’m giving the ol’ “capsule wardrobe” another attempt. I’ve been inspired for a few years now by Caroline Joy of “Un-Fancy” and her ability to simplify her wardrobe and work with ~40 items a season. Having worked retail through college and the start of my professional career, I was the person that would hate everything in her closet, every single day, and just buy something new before I clocked in….

Basically, I just ended up with a closet full of clothes that I hated that had been worn maybe once, sometimes twice…rarely more. I’d purge clothes as new floorsets came in and seasons changed before the actual season had changed (here’s to wearing flip-flops on a snowy day inside the mall!) and start the buying routine all over again.

As I’ve gotten older and out of retail, I find myself doing a similar trend…except I’m not getting that discount anymore and my taste is no longer a $30 top…not to mention, I’m tired of hating all my clothes. While I love being on trend…I love solid classic pieces that I can really get a lot of wear out of so that my purchase are validated.

For my capsule, I currently have 33 items in my winter closet. When I decided to do another capsule (till February when hopefully winter is over in Birmingham…) I landed on 40 as a good round number of items of clothing. I do have 3 pairs of plain black, skinny “work pants” on rotation to utilize instead of denim (but would never wear outside of work…so not sure if they count…but since work is majority of my week…they probably count) but are not featured here (so now we’re up to 36) which gives me some wiggle room to add in another pair of shoes or grab something I think I’m missing out of the above over the next week or two.

I’ve learned a few things from just laying out these pieces into a collage. I tend to buy things I really like in 1-2 colors (and I wear them often)…like the turtle necks, 2-year-old cardigans from J.Crew…(well worth the investment), and I have an overall addiction so let’s hope this is a trend that stays. I also tend to have a lot of neutrals, which I think works for me since I’m looking for ways to mix-match and get a lot of use out of what I have. Some of my trendier items…like the maxi skirt…have been harder for me to justify as it really only pairs well with the bodysuit (that was bought to wear with the skirt…and has yet to be worn with anything else) but I am hoping to find that it transitions well into the spring with a band tee or tank. Only time shall tell…

In full disclosure….the plan is to buy ZERO new clothing until March. However, I did purchase two new sweatpants and a hoodie from H&M this week…but I threw out 7 pairs of old, crappy sweatpants (so I think this is a null/void) and I ordered a swim suit (let’s hope it doesn’t fit so I have to return it…because…well…it’s suppose to snow in AL tomorrow so why do I really need a swim suit?!)

I’ll be sharing more photos of ways I mix and match outfits so stay tuned! “Un-fancy” is hosting a “Winter Remix” 10 day, 10 item challenge (starting Jan. 9th) . This may be a good way to get your feet wet into a capsule wardrobe if this is something you are thinking about adding to your lifestyle.

Till we meet again-

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