To the Lake.

To the Lake.

Living in Lexington (and Kentucky in general) gives you access to many beautiful lakes and many residents prefer to spend their weekends around here doing nothing more than boating

Mr. Love Lexington and I do not own a boat, so it’s always nice when a friend invites us along for a lake trip! We gassed up the boat, loaded up the coolers (I pack awesome lake food!), and headed down to Laurel Lake (London, KY area) for a fun filled Saturday afternoon.


Captain Korey sporting his new ‘Murica shorts! We didn’t plan our “twinsies” moment…I promise!


The skies were cloudy majority of the road trip down, but parted and the sun came shining down as soon as we hit the water!


It’s nice when the Mr. offers to blow up your raft. Thanks handsome!


I am beyond stoked that I finally found an American Flag bikini…it’s only taken me a year…

The Rohr’s Murica X-mas card 2014…possibly??

Bathing Suit: Top and Bottom from Old Navy.  Float from Kroger.


I’m so glad I purchased the matching flag tube float for myself only to have the Mr. steal it the entire time…next time I’m bringing him his own float (preferably this pink donut one!)


Pretty sure I married a five year old (and I’m okay with that!) and with a graceful entrance like that…I couldn’t be more smitten.


Somehow the boys ended up in the water, relaxing, maxing, looking all cool…while we were beckoned to get drinks and make them sandwiches. (I kid, I kid)…everyone knows I’m a bit of a hostess and I could not wait to make my Pretzel bun, beer cheese + turkey sandwiches for them.


I promise those hairy legs are not mine!


When you are inviting your boating friends, be sure to invite that one that bring everything, and I mean everything….do you need deodorant? she’s got it. Tylenol..she’s got it. Hair gel….got that too! Tide pen? I mean…you just never know when you might drop watermelon on  your white bikini.



Even though we battled the rain off and on all day, we had an absolute blast, a few giggles as we plowed through rain storms, and made some new boating friends from Paris, KY. Every bit of it was worth it for this view, this rainbow, and time well spent with these friends!