The Night Market.

The Night Market.


The beginning of each month, the NoLi Night Market brings the community of Lexington together for a neighborhood festival. Found over at the cross of Bryan Avenue, E. Loudon Avenue and North Limestone, the empty parking lot is transformed with a red carpet of vendors, full of delicious smells from local food trucks, the trees are strung with lights, and the air is full of beautiful music.




This past Night Market was held on Friday, July 4th (sorry for the delay in the post). It was America at it’s finest (go ahead…insert ‘Murica here…I know you already said it to yourself) , Lexingtonians were decked out from head to toe in their Red, White, and Blues. And the weather…oh it was was pure perfection with the high’s being in the 70’s and not a cloud in the sky (is it me or does it always rain on the 4th here??)




First stop…the West Sixth tent to get Mr. Love, Lexington a beer (his pick-Amber Ale)…beer equals happiness and the ability to handle the crowd better!


I however get my happiness and delight from knowing I get to eat off food trucks (I think it gives me the feel of being in NYC or Chicago) and Lexington has some amazing food trucks (please, please go try them if you haven’t…message me…I’ll give you a list of my favorites and what to order).

Those featured at this NoLi Night Market: Fork in the Road, Minton’s Little Brother, Thai and Mighty, Crank and Boom (ice cream). West Sixth and the Tin Can were also there, serving up beverages (alcoholic form and caffeinated form).



NightMarket10 NightMarket7





When you have three amazing trucks…it’s so hard to pick which one you are going to commit to. Since, I  just had Minton’s the Monday before (they came out to Hamburg!)…I went with Thai and Mighty’s Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl.


The Night Market was packed and so was every picnic table…but don’t worry…this girl will find a place to devour her noodle bowl.


Proof that I don’t always look silly while eating noodles!


The Mister kept stealing my won-tons, after he downed his fancy  “Haute Dog” from Fork in the Road (one of my favorite food trucks with an always changing menu and a soon to be brick and mortar)…but I’d probably steal them too. They are so tasty soaked in the coconut curry sauce.


How cute the the Tin Can? I haven’t yet tried their coffees (I would never sleep with coffee that late in the day) but I do hope to see them around soon and grab a cup.


 The band played and music filled the air.


And people danced…like no one was watching I might add (my favorite kind of dancing!)

The rest of us people watched and  spent time catching up with one another, socializing, meeting new friends, venturing around the vendors, or touring the vintage shops on the perimeter.




As the sun began to set, we headed off to a friends house to watch the fireworks. You can’t have a real 4th of July without fireworks and Downtown Lexington puts on a spectacular show.

The people of Lexington could not have asked for a better 4th of July with the downtown festival, followed by the Night Market, and fireworks booming over downtown Lexington! It my favorite holiday and I can’t wait to celebrate again next year.


If you are interested in learning more about the NoLi Night Market, I urge you to check out their website, like their FB page,  and get the next Night Market on your calendar (more than likely the first Friday night in August).

The market can get really packed (depending on the weather), so I recommend getting there early if you plan to eat (food trucks can run out of food). The market is kid friendly with a kids area where they can play and make stuff/keep them from getting bored. Lots of local vendors will be on-site with booths and tables so bring some cash if you plan to shop (some places take square…but not all).

I’ll hope you’ll join me at the next Night Market!

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