The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep


The Kentucky Derby is less than a week away (May 6th) and the Mint Julep has been THE drink of the Derby since 1938. Did you know that more than 120,000 mint juleps will be served between the two days of The Oaks and The Derby?!? That is a lot of mint!

The Mint Julep is a fairly easy cocktail to make but I’m sharing an even easier way to craft one up (as you want to spend time with your Derby Guests…not muddling mint). Gents Ginger Ale, a local Lexington KY brand, offers four different cocktail syrups…one of them being Julep (I also love the Mule). Crafted with organic cane sugar, honey and mint…a bottle of Gent’s Julep will complete and simplify your Derby Party bar!

What you’ll need:

  • 1oz of Gent’s Julep
  • 2oz of Bourbon
  • 1 mint leaves
  • 1 julep cup packed full of ice
  • striped straws

MintJulep-5708 Let’s build our Mint Julep!
Load your julep cup with ice (a big thank you to High Street Fly for this beautiful Julep cup!)


Pour in 1 ounce of Gent’s Julep.



Pour in 2 ounces of Bourbon.



Garnish with mint…right next to your straw and sip away! (I’m obsessed with these striped colored straws! You can find them at Target or Party City) 


To craft a traditional Mint Julep, follow all the above but instead of simply using Gent’s Julep, muddle 5-6 pre-chilled mint leaves in the bottom of a cup with sugar, pack with ice, top with bourbon and garnish with mint. Trust me, using Gent’s Julep will save you time and money (not to mention it’s super tasty!). 


Since we are in the Derby spirit, one of the Market 301 vendors is The Julep Candle Company, a local Lexington based brand, that has the most amazing Mint Julep candles! I’m obsessed…my house is full of the most wonderful smell! They also make  “Keeneland Breeze” and a “Run for the Roses” candles (which smell ahhh-mazing as well!) AND when you get to the end of the candle, clean out the remaining wax and you have a Mint Julep cup for drinking out of or displaying flowers.



For a list of retailers that stock Gent’s cocktail mixers or The Julep Candle Co. just click on their names!


Have fun this Derby! It will be my first ever from a different state…but I’m fully prepared with my cocktail, mint julep cup and mint julep candle!


Thank you to Gent’s Ginger Ale, High Street Fly and The Julep Candle Co for providing the materials for this post. Shop Local Kentucky!

Photography by Mindy Rohr

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