The Greentree Tea Room.

The Greentree Tea Room.

This seriously may be one of my new, favorite, hidden gems of Lexington. I have been down West Short Street a million times and had no clue it existed until a friend at work told me there was a place in town that served a traditional tea lunch. I almost don’t even want to share this because then I fear it will be booked weeks months in advance!

So what is this little hidden gem you ask?

The Greentree Tea Room, located on West Short Street (just past Jefferson on the left hand side).



Let me start off by saying, I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey. Which makes me obsessed with the concept of having tea (and a ladies maid…anyone offering free services?).

The last few times we visited New York, we stayed in SoHo and just around the corner from our hotel is a great little tea spot that we always get breakfast at. They also offer a traditional tea, compete with tea, tiny sandwiches and miniature desserts all loaded on a little tower of yumminess. My husband however is not a Downtown Abbey and could care less about “having tea” …so I’ve never had the chance to experience a traditional tea style lunch.


Immediately upon learning Lexington had a place that did this same services I was googling, researching and sending out invites to see who wanted to join me for a Traditional Ladies Tea (Lunch).


Eight friends and two weeks later, we were booked for lunch at the Greentree Tea Room. Unfortunately, it was one of the coldest days in May,  so our intentions  of wearing our most adorable, girly sundresses was quickly holted by the 40 degree temps…mother nature hates us…so we opted for maxi skirts and jean jackets instead.


Each month the menu changes and is pre-set. You can find it on their website here.



Of course, started off with hot tea.


I love how beautiful my friends look, as they drink from their delicate, little tea cups.

I secretly wish we had name cards that read: Lady Ashley, Lady Mindy, Lady Julie, etc., etc. 


These ladies are all beautiful inside and out and I am honored that they set aside time in their lives to have lunch with me!


I was a little nervous about the “Strawberry Soup,” as I had seen it on the online menu but had not clue what it expect. Let me tell you…it’s nothing like soup. It’s like eating a strawberry smoothie out of a bowl and it is incredible!


I’m glad my friends don’t look at me like I’m completely crazy as I make sure everything is “just right” on our table before getting a birds-eye view of it. They were probably just happy I didn’t stand in the chair…


If only blogs were scratch and sniff…

We all chatted about all the things this soup would be a great topping for as well …I personally would smother it all over a big, fluffy angel food cake!


This place would be great for a wedding shower, birthday gatherings, anniversary lunch (take note all you fellas out there…you’d score major points if you take her to a tea lunch!)


Following the soup, and more tea, came the second course…a scone. I know, it just looks like a giant biscuit in my photo, but it is in fact a scone….a delicious, crusty outside, gooey center inside, scone! I slathered it with the lemon jam and whipped cream…and then licked the plate (not really, but I should have….it would have been super lady like!)


I am obsessed with this tea pot. Do you think I can get one for the office (and a butler)?


Course three…an asparagus crepe with mornay sauce.


I seriously was so stuffed after soup, a scone and then this amazing crepe…I wasn’t sure how I was going to even make it to dessert?!


Course four…the tiny, delicate, lady like sandwiches that I had been dreaming of. Choices included egg salad, cucumber dill and shrimp tea.


Tiny little triangles of perfection lie in front of me. Thank goodness for elastic skirts! So stuffed and not caring, I loaded my plate with a variety of little sandwich and decided to come back for dessert.


The shrimp tea sandwich were my favorite! I must confess…I threw on a few more when I went back for dessert (don’t judge me!)


The Greentree Tea room is also an antique shop. This mirror (hanging on the wall behind my adorable sister…btw she hates my camera) was a mere two grand! That’s right…over two thousand dollars! I’m glad she was sitting there and not me!



After stuffing my face with itty bitty, delicious sandwiches, I headed back for course five…dessert!



Dessert consisted of these little lemon cookies, cupcakes, and little chocolate puddings.


 I’m still dreaming of those lemon cookies. 

I highly recommend lunch at The Greentree Tearoom if this is something you are into (calling all Downton fans!!!) Lunch will run you around $20 (before tax and tip). Reservations are required and if you are taking a large party you will need to put down a credit card for your guarantee number (if you say 8 people you are going to get charged for 8). Large groups will be added together and gratuity will be added to the check (not uncommon with groups over 6-8). Everything included, it was $25  per person and the experience was worth every penny...not to mention how great the food was.

The Greentree Tearoom is open Wednesday through Saturday and lunch is served at noon. Afternoon tea is offered on Saturday’s at 3 o’clock (or by appointment).

Share your thoughts below in the comments. Have you been here? What did you think? If you haven’t, is this something that is appealing to you?