The Birmingham Zoo.

The Birmingham Zoo.

The Birmingham Zoo.


I have never lived in a city that has a zoo (how exciting!). Growing up we always had to drive to Louisville or Cincinnati for a day trip to get to experience the zoo life.

I do have a love hate relationship with zoos (and Sea World) but at this point many of these animals, currently at these facilities, cannot go back into the wild so if we do not support them then they just live in rundown habitats.

Ugh…I am not getting on a support or don’t support Zoo soapbox or even debating this. I am sharing what a fun day we had here at the Birmingham Zoo.

On a slow, hot (really hot!) Sunday afternoon, we practically had the entire place to ourselves. We had the best time at the giraffe feeding (giraffe’s are my favorite) since we didn’t have to fight a crowd to get close.



“Hey girl….hhhheeeeyyy…bring that lettuce over here!”


Who knew they had these crazy long, purple/black tongues?


Gentle giants…unless they bonk you with their super heavy heads (don’t bend down to pick up any dropped lettuce!).


We meandered around, enjoying the rest of the animals. Flamingos and Elephants visits are always the top of my zoo list.




Most the animals were as hot as we were and tucked away in a shady spot. A few peeked their heads out to humor us! (how funny is this fella below?!)




If I were a rhino…I’d be laid up in the mud pond, soaking up the rays.


We were hoping for a water spraying trunk show…but it was feeding time so the only excitement we got was watching the Elephants bob for apples in the pond. It always astounds me at how smart they are! I could watch them for hours!




We very much enjoyed our visit, even in the soaring 90 degree temperatures. At the entrance you’ll find water fountain fun for your little ones (should you have them) and across the street you’ll find the Botanical Gardens (still dying to go here!) The Birmingham Zoo has made my list of places to go/things to do when visiting B’ham!

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