Talon Winery.

Talon Winery.


Talon’s “Music on the Porch” is quickly becoming one of my favorite events in Lexington.


Talon offers live music on the back side of the Tasting room every Friday during the summer from 6-9 PM, Saturdays from 4-7 PM and once a month on Sunday’s (Jazz on the Porch) from 3-6 PM. You can find their event calendar here.


Tonight, we were lucky enough to be surround by the beautiful voice of Andrea LaRoche.


Bring your chairs, bring your blankets, pack a picnic, or grab food on your way…Talon’s Winery is the perfect spot for a summer picnic with friends. If you get their early enough, you can usually snag a picnic table… in the shade…which was much needed on this hot summer’s afternoon.


We loaded up our picnic basket with a variety of cheeses, fruits, and shrimp cocktail. No need to BYOB (and you aren’t allowed) as you can buy Talon’s wine by the glass or bottle right instead the tasting room!

On our table.
Wine: Talon’s Sweet Evening Breeze (great mixed with Fresca for a spritzer…add a lime!) and Southern Rose.
Cheese: Gouda, blue cheese, honey goat cheese and brie.
Fruit: Cherries, pineapple, strawberries and grapes.
Meat: pepperoni and shrimp cocktail.
Pasta: Asiago Pasta salad from Fresh Market (best pasta ever!)


Don’t worry about packing the romance…it’s provided on-site. Sitting on such a beautiful country side, the romance blossoms all on it’s own!


Keep in mind, you get more flies…I mean bees with honey (bring a deterrent…flies are everywhere and have a drinking problem…good luck keeping them out of your wine if you don’t bring something else they like.)



No matter which way you turn, it’s absolutely stunning! Green fields as far as the eye can see.




If you venture out to Talon, be sure to take a stroll through the vines. It’s a breathtaking experience.



Talon ‘s Winery is also  perfect for weddings (Congrats to the couple that got hitched this beautiful Saturday afternoon…we considered dropping into your reception to sample your cake…but we didn’t…)


Instead…we had our own “fake” wedding! “Do you take this bride…forever and ever??”


What does one do when there are a million rose petals down the aisle?? Throw them high into the sky…duh!

Melissa at Talon 2 on Make A Gif

Rose petal FIGHT!!!!!




Remember that romance thing we talked about that happens here at Talon…it even works on 25+ year married couples!



When there’s a “faux” wedding…there has to be the “faux album cover photo shoot”…these are my favorite (no one look at the camera!)


And the romantic “we just got married…so let’s walk through the vines hand-in-hand” photo…


For some people, the romance is just too much.


After we rescued Melissa from the vines, we headed back up to the tasting house for the last bit of music and relaxation (and polish off our bottles of wine).



Don’t get too relaxed (someones had too much wine)…there’s no napping during wine time!


Okay, I lied…let us in, we want to nap too!


As the music faded away, we packed our baskets and said good-bye to the Talon. But don’t worry, we will be back soon!


If you haven’t ventured out to one of the many wineries in and around Lexington, I urge you to get out and do some tastings! I promise you will not regret it.