Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

We are officially residents of Birmingham, Alabama!

Other than just the horror of moving (literally it’s the worst!) we are getting settled in and all boxes are unpacked! I’m obsessed with our new home. It’s a 1940’s house that has been renovated but has so much character. It’s a blogger’s dream! The blue brick makes for a great back drop and the giant trees everywhere make you feel like you are living in a tree house. It’s everything we would have wanted had we moved to downtown Lexington.

Our neighborhood reminds me of the Chevy Chase area. There is a little strip of restaurants and shops less than a mile away. A BBQ joint that everyone raves about (personally it’s not as good as Blue Door…so the Mister is going to be sad!), an ice cream shop, a cold-pressed juice shop, and a sweet shop with cupcakes and macaroons.



These green doors are everything! They are scattered around the house, adding a pop of color to the white walls (which we are leaving white since we are renting and do not want to repaint in two years.) We did finally decide on window coverings and went with sheers for now. The natural light and big windows are just too beautiful to cover up. Thinking of adding back in my neutral curtains from our Lexington home but need to find one more panel to make them all work. If not, I’m sure I can find something at Home Goods that will work well and not break the bank.


The biggest struggle has been this living room…and what to do with it. Our over sized sectional that looked tiny in our old home wouldn’t fit through the door so we ended up putting it in the basement. Which is perfect…we can watch TV down there and friends can crash on it when they come to visit.

Now we need a couch and chairs for our living area. We already have lime green sitting chairs that I’d like to put back in the living area but need a couch. I’ve been eyeballing this one from West Elm (here) or this possibly this one (here…both in sienna) and one of these two rugs (here and here). I sold my dining room table before we left Lexington and really have been wanting this one… also from West Elm (here). I’m not sure what kind of chairs to add to it. I really think colored metal chairs would spice up the area…do I do a mix of colors or all the same? (blue) (green) (mix of colors)


The red rug is not staying here…it’s just here for the time being as we try to figure out what to buy. It could go on top of the jute rug (I love layered rugs) in the dining room…








In our old house, we had an entire matching bed set (armoire, dresser, night stands) but I feel like we need smaller bedside tables to pull off this platform look…but that’s not a necessity at this time.


I also paired down my gallery wall in my office, taking some prints out of the mix to put into the living room gallery wall that I want to do in the dining area. Specifically my Stately Made Kentucky Print + Alabama Print food maps. I am loving all the pink with the white walls and curtains. I’m typically not a big pink person but I do love flamingos and big pink lips (hoping to get a fun piece from CBuxton Art). Also look at this prints for my gallery wall: Birmingham Map (in white), Magic City Yellow, and this BIRMGINGHAMAL print.

Slowly but surely it will all come together! Comment below or on Instagram what you think I should do with the living room area! West Elm does offer free design services. Has anyone used them before? I’m excited to finally have one in the city I’m in…I’m completely obsessed with everything West Elm!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Susan

    What a cute house, I really like that kitchen table you are interested in, I think it would look good in that house.

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      Thanks! I love the rustic-ness of it. We went to look at it Monday night and it’s even more beautiful in person!!

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