This weather is making me a crazy person. I’m almost surprised my face didn’t end up on YouTube yesterday and I beat my shovel into a mound of snow that the city plowed back in front of my driveway.

Two vlogs that I’m prepping for March have been cancelled thanks to the snow this week (cocktails with Sabio and a beauty vlog on eyelash extensions). I’m over shoveling the driveway (thank goodness for Mr. Love Lex who did it earlier this week!) and can barely move my upper back (at least I don’t need to do upper back at the gym now…)

This weather is making me long for warm days, patio dinners, and is making me spend too much time internet shopping. I want to buy all new spring clothes and pretend like none of this is even happening! T-minus 15 days until a little mini Florida weekend getaway to visit the in-laws.

I’m considering shoveling one last time, getting dressed, braving the weather and running out to Urban Outfitters and Express to check out some of these pieces for my trip.

What do you guys think about the new hand chain bracelets? Yay or nay?

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