Sav’s Chill

Sav’s Chill

Sunday, July 19th is National Ice Cream day and there’s no greater place to celebrate than at a local Lexington ice cream parlor. While we have a handful of options in town, Sav’s Chill will always have a special place in my heart with their beautiful double scoop of pistachio gelato.


With over 20 flavors there is a scoop for everyone at Sav’s. From your traditional chocolate, to a creamy pistachio gelato, to hot banana (it’s enters like banana and finish’s like Sav’s hot sauce). Be sure to sample the local soda flavor Ale-8-one!




Sav’s is locally owned and family ran…and all ice creams are now made in house!  You are sure to see Sav or one of his children working on busy days ( be sure to check out Sav’s Grill across the street).


While the space is small, the serving sizes are not. Pile your favorite scoop  in a cup or on a cone (both photos seen here are the small cone size with two scoops for $3.50).


While I tend to lean toward the creamy gelatos, there’s not a scoop that I haven’t been happy with! Bourbon Ball is another Love Lexington favorite.

( two scoop, small cone of blackberry gelato featured below)


Where will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day this Sunday? The weather should be perfect for a cone piled high on Sav’s Patio! Invite a friend and make it a date!

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