Lexington loves San Diego

Lexington loves San Diego

I am really fortunate that my job (a lot of people don’t know that I have a full time job on top of Love Lexington) allows me to get away from my desk and see so much of the US…even if it’s just for a quick in-and-out like this past weekends trip to San Diego. Usually my trips are jammed packed with meetings and events and I don’t see much more than the inside of the hotel. This one was not the case as we flew in the day before the meeting and had pretty much all of Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and a the sights at San Diego’s Bay front.

How great was this view out my hotel window?! The convention center was just across from us and we were a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Gaslamp Quarters…one of my absolute favorite spots in San Diego.


While I had every intent on hitting up an In-and-Out Burger upon my arrival, I was quickly detered when one of my @love_lexington instagram followers (shout out @c_f_meadors) told me to try Puesto’s. Once I realized how close it was to my hotel, I knew I had to go. My traveling team loves when I drag them off on ridiculous ventures to find restaurants instead of just eating what is close or in the hotel (pretty sure they really hate it). This time it was well worth us taking a wrong turn and a few extra steps to find this amazing taco joint!


My favorite thing about San Diego is the “inside, yet outside” feel everywhere has. It was 76, sunny (I gained 4 new eye wrinkles from all the squinting…forgotten sunglasses fail!) and we were ready to fill our bellies with delicious tacos.



For me: The Lobster Taco, the Potato Soy Chorizo, and the Chicken Verde. For the table: a giant bowl of Guacamole




I am still dreaming of that lobster taco two days later…I should have eaten it last because while the other two were good…they did not live up to the lobster one. Thanks again for the recommendation and I suggest checking out Puesto’s the next time you are in San Diego.



While I was super bummed about missing all the BBN festivities taking place back home at Two Keys Tavern, we were able to find the designated UK meet up spot at a local Gaslamp bar called “The Commons.” It was so great to be in a state so far away, yet surrounded by other UK fans for one of the most stressful games this year. I almost thought we lost it but our guys pulled through and showed Notre Dame who they were messing with (take that Zach Auguste!)



Ahhhhh. C A T S, cats, cats, cats!



I love visiting San Diego but I am happy to be back in Lexington. Spring is in the air and there is a ton going on this week! Thursday Night Live kicks off Thrusday 4/2, Keeneland opens on 4/3, The NoLi Night Market on 4/3 at 7 PM, and the Final Four game Saturday night 4/4 (and also my birthday!!) You’ll be sure to spot me at Two Keys for the game and probably out and about Saturday night! Say hi!

Have a great Monday and stay tuned for the April local Lexington shop/vendors series to start this Wednesday.

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