Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Whole Foods is offering THE DEAL this Valentine’s Day (so don’t pay a ridiculous amount for roses!) This week, you can get 2 dozen, stunning red roses for a mere $24.99…You heard me right! $24.99! This is not an evil joke (I had to do a double take when I saw this too!) You will easily pay $50-100 for roses this Valentines Day from any florist or online flower delivery. Just like their food, Whole Foods has standards for their flowers, including that they be fair trade and organic (see the full details here).

The best part, Whole Foods will wrap them in craft paper to give them that “market fresh” feel (because who wants to be handed flowers still in the plastic??? Noone!) Go ahead and put in your order online or give them a call (a few other options and upgrades are available and for very fair pricing!)


While you’re there, sneak down the candy aisle and grab your “someone special” some chocolates (come on ladies…guys want chocolate too!) My favorites include (from left to right): Bark Thins in coconut and Belva’s Beglign Salted Caramel Hearts!

A bottle of Rose or Champagne to accompany those chocolates defiantly says “I love you!” …And if you are on a budget (really who wants to spend $$$ on this holiday when we just came out of Christmas) you can snatch up a bottle of bubbly ($14.99), a bag of chocolates ($5-10), a card to write your love poems in ($5-6), and two dozen roses ($24.99) for under $50!

Please tell me you are running (not walking) to Whole Foods!




Now the hardest part of getting “fresh cut” flowers…putting them in the vase and making them look presentable. Lucky for you, I am good friends with DC Blooms and she’s given me the inside scoop on how to get florist made vases.

First open up your batch of roses and we are going to begin by cutting them down (put your plant food in your vase but no water yet).


Cut at an angle and we are going to go pretty short. Measure your stems by holding them next to your vase.



One tip is to never put the stems all the way to to bottom of the vase (that’s why we are cutting them stems pretty short). Start by putting the roses into the vase, in a criss-cross fashion. Continue back and forth until you have all your stems in the vase.


24 roses makes the most perfect “bulb” of roses (my vase opening is fairly small). Notice how a few of my stems were longer than the others in my almost finished vase below? I pulled those stems out, cut them up a bit, and put them back into place. Wah-la! Perfection…or close.



Fill your vase with water and put your roses somewhere you can enjoy their beauty.

Whole Foods roses are even boxer approved!


Thanks again to Whole Foods Lexington Green for sponsoring this post (and for the great deal this Valentines Day!) Head over to @love_lexington for an opportunity to win 2 dozen roses!

[ Photography by Mindy Rohr ]

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  1. Rhnea

    Yes! I went to TJ MAXX today in search for mecrruy candle holders. OMG!!! I thought I was in heaven they were just putting things on clearance a whole selection of them! I wanted to bring every one of them home with me haha.. I came out of that store so happy. I am glad too they do exist. I can be in there for hours

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