Restaurant Week {Sabio}.

Restaurant Week {Sabio}.



It was my hopes to only hit restaurants that I  had never been to before for Restaurant Week but knowing that Sabio was on the $25 pre-fix menu (3 courses)…I could not pass up another dinner there (plus I’ve only had dinner there once…that means I had to make sure it’s consistent…for you…it’s for the readers!)

I hope this bar does not always sit this empty. It’s screaming for after work cocktails to be enjoyed in it!


Brunch…did you say Brunch? That is only my absolute favorite meal of the day. No ifs, ands or buts about it…I must go back and investigate the bunch here at Sabio. Don’t even try to stop me. 



Let’s dig into the Restaurant Week Menu at Sabio.

{First Course: Bruschetta Proveçal – toasted garlic bread with white bean purée, roasted local Roma tomatoes, goat cheese, basil and balsamic syrup}

Goat cheese is one of my absolute favorites (honey goat might be my love language IF cheese can be a love language…) and I’ve probably told you before that I hate tomatoes but this was so finger licking good that I ate it, tomatoes and all. Be sure to soak up the balsamic syrup with each bite!  I could have had an entire plate of nothing but this for dinner and been perfectly happy.



{Course Two: Pan roasted airline chicken breast, server over roasted potato salad, topped with white balsamic slaw and drizzled with blackberries and chipotle glacé}

I had originally thought the chicken dish was the one I posted on Instagram on my last visit but it was not. However I was not disappointed. The white balsamic slaw was a perfect match for the crispy chicken. Slightly sweet with a hint of saltiness (my favorite combination) from the chickens’ crust. Again..soak up that blackerry/chipoltle glace…the presentation is only meant to be pretty for a 30-60 seconds after arriving to you. Nothing this good is ever “too pretty to eat!”


Mr. Love, Lexington went off the Restaurant Week menu and got the oscar style filet that was an evening special, sitting a top mashed potatoes, with a side of asparagus and topped with bearnaise. Tasty, but he loved the au gratin potatoes that came with the regular filet  on our last visit…just personal preference. Still one of his favorite filet’s in Lexington.



{Course Three: Homemade Blackberry and Mango ice cream with an almond praline wafer}

Ice cream is not my first choice for dessert at a fine dinning restaurant (you already know I love a pistachio cone from Sav’s on a hot summer’s day) but this was delicious (I will have to try the bread pudding…because I’m obsessed with bread pudding).



The patio at Sabio’s is one of my favorite thing about this restaurant (it is all about ambiance for me). Sitting behind a half brick wall, strung with lights, surrounded by trees, you do not feel like you are sitting right next to Maxwell Street. It’s almost “secret garden” like and a little romantic. Can’t you imagine sitting here this fall, enjoy dinner and a glass of wine next to the the roaring fire place your someone special or talking into the wee hours with friends?!




There are only a few days left to get over to Sabio for Restaurant Week to sample the three course $25 pre-fix menu (well worth it!). They do take reservations and I would recommend them as we are coming into the weekend. You can reserve a table here on  open table.

I cannot wait to here what you think of Sabio. Do share in the comments, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.