Red, White & Blue.

Red, White & Blue.

Lexington knows how to throw a party…add in some good ol’ Fourth of July patriotism and you’ve got yourself one heck of a festival! The streets (Short, Limestone and Main Streets) of downtown Lexington were filled with people and it was a beautiful site. The festivities began bright and early with food trucks,  vendors, and live music, a parade  mid day, and more music and socializing on into the night.

My main mission on this beautiful holiday was simple…get a waffle from Waffle E Good’s (new waffle food truck). It wasn’t hard to convenience my friends that this should be the first stop on Short Street.

Waffle Truck Spotted!


Considering I love banana everything and can devour a whole can of Nutella in one sitting…it was a no-brainer as to which waffle to get.

The Number Three please?(Banella: banana, nutella, whipped cream atop a waffle)


It was as ooey, gooey and delicious as it looks. If you see these guys out stop by, say hi and get yourself a waffle. You will not be sorry.


After devouring our waffle…we headed off  to tour the vendors through the Fifth Third Pavilion and seek some shade for my boxer, Nikki.


I’m always happy to see West Sixth out because 1.)…my guys (hubby and boyfriend-in-law) are much happier and handle the crowds better when drinking it and 2.)..they are such supporters of the community! The really were the start of something great in this city!


Next stop…find somewhere shaded (for the benefit of my boxer, Nikki, and myself) to watch the parade. We quickly made a bee-line for the LA Fitness parking garage to get a birds eye view of the city and the parade.


It doesn’t get any better than this! Look at how beautiful downtown Lexington is when it’s packed full of locals and visitors.


A great view of 21C, which is currently under construction and should hopefully open in or by 2015. I personally cannot wait to book a room here and get a first hand look at one of these amazing hotels. (click 21C to find out more about this hotel…current locations in Cincinnati and Louisville).


My furry human got a little jealous that we were taking in all the action and decided to see what exactly was happening on the other side of this wall.




I think she got a whiff of the Kettle Korn brewing down below (popcorn…all flavors and kinds are her favorite!)



Nikki (the boxer) made friends with everyone that came onto the 6th Floor and greated them with a big-ol-lick to the face. Sorry for all the slobbers!


I know, I know...I just ate a waffle (split three ways…thank you!) but when I saw Hacienda had a food truck on-site, I knew Tacos would be in my future. After some parade watching, we headed back to Short Street to snatch up some tacos. It’s not often you see a restaurant go food truck but I’m glad this one did!

In my lap: Steak Tacos with cilantro and onions from Hacienda.



With our bellies full, we headed off down Short Street to check out more of the action.


The festival was adult and kid friendly as Lexington always does a good job of (beer and bouncy houses)! I keep wishing the adults could get in on the inflatable action too…but we have to pretend to be all grown up and be too cool for the bouncy houses.

4july19   4july16

This is where the real fun was! The kids love the fountains and I love watching the kids be kids running back and fourth. Nothing is more joyful than their little faces!


As the afternoon grew hot and our puppy pads got a little toasty, we decided it was best to call it a day. Time to head home and rest up for the Night Market and fireworks (my favorite!).


Stay tuned for more blogging from the NoLi Night Market…