Proof Fitness

Proof Fitness

Holy WOW! Proof Fitness is incredible.

Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever said that about a gym before (usually the comments sound like …”it’s not that gross” or “the equipment’s not that old.”) My experience just a few weeks in has been nothing but positive. Everything from getting set up with a membership, having an app to sign up for group classes, the staff and instructors are so friendly, not to mention the equipment all looks brand new! Even the bathrooms are nice! And the new downtown location is supposed to be EVEN nicer (to open later this month/early February)! The great thing about Proof Fitness (see membership plans here) is they have brought the typical “big box” gym and boutique gyms (barre, yoga, rowing, spinning, etc.) all together so you can have one membership and still get a quality workout from expert instructors.

While I typically stick to weight training, I’ve been venturing out and trying the classes that Proof offers. So far I’ve tried TRX, Booty Barre, and Yoga. Let me recap my thoughts for you!

Yoga: Y’all already know I love yoga. My biggest compliant with “big box” gyms is that they do not hire yoga instructors with any experience and the classes are horrible. NOT at Proof! There is a designated yoga studio and the instructors are on par! I took my first class with Lena (who also taught my barre class) and she was fabulous. The flow was basic enough for a beginner to be able to jump in and learn but challenging enough that a more advanced yogi wouldn’t get bored.  This class was equally as good as any yoga class I’ve attended at a private yoga studio.

Booty Barre: Years ago, I took a barre class…and could barely walk out of the building after. It’s a very intense workout (and this coming from a girl that “lifts”). My class was taught by Lena (who I took yoga from) and I very much enjoyed it (and was semi able to walk out of class). We had majority of beginners in the class and the level was perfect…challenging but not so hard that a “newbie” couldn’t keep up. While the word “booty” would imply this is a “tush” focused class…and while that area was worked out quite a bit, it really is a full body focused workout. This type of barre class is set to fun, upbeat dance music so that flow is not that of a ballet class….I’m pretty sure I had a Taylor Swift remix in my head the rest of the day! Don’t take for granted your flexibility and those light weight/high rep movements…(I am going to need more yoga to work on my flexibility).Booty Barre is probably going to be a regularly attended class for me!

TRX: This was completely new to me! I sort of understood the concept of body weight suspension training…but hadn’t ever actually taken a class. The great thing about TRX is you can adjust the levels by just stepping into or away from the straps. The workouts were easy to catch on to as a beginner (there were a few of us in this class) and Allison (the instructor) was great at coming by to make sure we were holding proper form and “getting” the movements. While I didn’t leave covered in sweat (not a fan of that anyhow) this was an intense full body workout, especially chest and arms for me (an area that I don’t work out a lot.) The class went really fast and wasn’t so challenging that I ever felt like I couldn’t keep up or do the movement. I’d highly recommend this to anyone look to add weight training to their workout but aren’t really sure where to start…and for those who are more advanced and just looking for something different to add to their routine.

Proof Fitness is offering you three FREE classes…any three that you want (a $50+ value)! Just click here and a Proof representative will follow-up to get you scheduled. I’d love to hear what classes you try (share with me in the comments, on FB or IG) and/or if you are already a member…your favorite thing about a Proof member!

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