Popcorn Paradise

Popcorn Paradise

Gourmet popcorn is one of my favorite treats. Every chance I get to snatch up a bag from the famous Garrett’s popcorn in Chicago, I do (a big, giant, XL size bag!). You can only imagine my excitement when the Furr Family told me they were going to be opening a gourmet popcorn shop, right here, in Lexington.

Popcorn Paradise is a high quality, gourmet popcorn shop, located on Versailles Road (just past Jefferson Street). Here you will find a wall full of flavors, like tutti frutti, cheddar jalapeno, green apple, of course kettle-corn, white cheddar, caramel and my personal favorite…(drum roll please) bourbon caramel (made with real bourbon!!)



Don’t see a flavor you want? No worries, you can mix up your own with 8 different options of seasoning and hot freshly popped corn.


The great part about stopping in for a visit is getting to sample all the current flavors! The bourbon caramel might be my absolute favorite, even over Garrett’s caramel (seriously people…that is how good this popcorn is!)

Would it be wrong to pair my bourbon popcorn with a glass of bourbon?? I think not.


Kentucky Mix is a huge hit as well, made up of the bourbon caramel and mixed with white cheddar. Want a little more of a kick, ask for a secret menu item…the Wildcat Mix (bourbon caramel  + jalapeno cheddar).




All the popcorn is made right here in store. The corn is first popped, then either goes into the cheese mixer (the round container), or the coater. During my visit last Saturday, batches of caramel were being mixed up in the coater and the whole shop was filled with the warm, caramel fragrance!



You can get Paradise Popcorn in  various sizes and flavors. My favorite are these little favors are perfect for valentine’s day parties, birthday’s (they told me favors they are doing for an upcoming Frozen birthday party!), baby showers, weddings…the options are endless.


Let’s talk pricing. The snack size begins at $2.00 and runs up to the large at $14 (flavors vary). A large bag not enough to fill your gourmet popcorn cravings? Popcorn Paradise has 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 3 1/2 gallon tins (ranging in price from $9-$36 with deals on refills!)

You can check out Popcorn Paradise on the web here and on Facebook here. Stop in this week and check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

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