Pizza, Pasta, Breadsticks

Pizza, Pasta, Breadsticks

So let’s talk about this Italian food kick I’ve been on this week…

I swear I’ve been trying to eat clean (breakfast and dinner at least) to kick start my fitness focused 2015. Other than devouring an entire pizza…and avoiding cream based pasta dishes…you can eat low calorie, high protein pasta dishes if you choose your menu options right.

The downhill, Italian spiral started for me this week at Belle Notte. Seriously, my favorite Italian spot in Lexington (the owner also is responsible for Smashing Tomato and the new Crust). Normally, I would order the ravioli with the cream based tomato sauce (ahhh…drooling) but since I’m trying to watch what’s going in my mouth, I opted for the “Penne Fresco.” The dish is full of penne pasta, wood fired grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatos, broccoli, basil, garlic and tossed in a butter/oil sauce. I could have scared away every vampire in True Blood for a week after from all the garlic but it was well worth it! 


I had hoped to try the new restaurant, Pies + Pints, on Friday night…but Travis Tritt destroyed those plans with his dang concert! I will not wait 1.5 hours for pizza…anywhere! Instead, we moved our ladies date night to a swankier location over in Dudley Square, Sabio. I wasn’t planning on it, but went with a pasta dish again, the “Shrimp Pappardelle.” A dish full of plump shrimp, Lexington Pasta pappardelle, baby spinach, brussels sprouts, a zucchini cream sauce. Oh, it was to die for (as is everything as Sabio…especially the green bean appetizer!)


Still craving pizza…I tagged along with some friends who already had a Mellow Mushroom date Saturday night. Oh. Emm. Gee. Mellow Mushroom is one of my favorite pizza spots in Lexington. Still trying to pick a good, healthy option (is that even possible with pizza? Let’s pretend it is…) I went with the “Kentucky High” and it was loaded with chicken, artichoke hearts, pesto, sun dried tomato’s and olives. I may or may not have shared a pretzel bread-stick with my friend (I did…who are we kidding…CARB LOAD!)



Sunday morning I knew I’d splurged too much after Saturday’s Village Idiot brunch (and Mimiosas…always Mimosas) and then pizza so I hit the gym early morning. I had every intentionon on indulging in a big healthy, protein packed breakfast…I was derailed when the guys decided to swing by Crust for lunch (mostly so we could get plasti-dip from Lowes afterwards…life with “car guys”).

This new concept, Crust, from the brains behind Belle Notte and Smashing Tomato is phenomenal. It’s located over on Richmond Road, next to Panera. If you haven’t been…go! This is the Sulumi sandwich…you can see how fresh and amazing this sandwich was (and hot…it was super hot!) I’ll try to get back over there soon to try more of the menu to share with you guys.


Right now...I am vowing to end this Italian trend since we finally had Sutton’s last night after a week of craving it. (Unless I can get into Pie + Pints…I’m dying to check it out the pizza and tell you guys about it!) Sutton’s restaurant, also located on Richmond Road, is a spot we love to get take-out from (so I rarely have a great photo to share with you). My go-to dish is the “Pasta Giovanni” which is loaded with olives, artichoke hearts, penne pasta, grilled shrimp (you can get other meats instead) and normally comes with mushrooms (ewe…gross…I can not eat mushrooms). I feel like a lot of people tried Sutton’s when it first opened, didn’t like it, and never came back (I didn’t like my first meal there…and it was probably pizza…) but have since tried the pasta dishes and have fallen in love. The ambiance of the restaurant isn’t my favorite (it has a very chain restaurant feel to it) so I prefer to sit in the bar area or grab meals to-go, but the food really is fresh and delicious. I also recommend the Chicken Parmesan (Mr. Love Lexington’s fav dish!)