Party! Party!

Party! Party!

I follow a ton of other bloggers. One of my favorites being A Beautiful Mess (aka: ABM) where they talk about home decor projects, recipes, crafts and life in Missiouri. They also have to really fun apps and I downloaded the “Party! Party!” App a few months back. Until yesterday…I’d never even opened it (smh…Apps are always sucking me in and wasting my iPhone space).

Remembering that ABM featured a giant over-sized “photobooth” style photo (which was the whole reason I even downloaded the App to begin with) I knew it could put it to good use after getting photobombed* by Mr. Love Lexington. Now I have this beautiful collage of his giant noggin’ and I love it!  Lemon’s to lemonade people…that’s what I’m all about! 

*To photobomb anothers phone, steal phone when said person is not looking, open their camera and then proceed to take 100+ silly photos, close camera, place phone back where you found it and wait patiently for them to open their photos (this could take days but it super rewarding!)

IMG_0540 However…being a bit obsessive…I couldn’t stop making collages!


And more collages…



And remember all those photo-booth photos from NYE…NOW I can make photo-booth strips in the “Party! Party!” App. Say whhhatttt??!! Mind blow…life complete.




The App allows you to take 1, 4 or 9 photos automatically (spacing them 1 second apart…like a photo-booth) or you can upload photos to the App. After you have taken or uploaded photos you can make collages, photo strips or make a looping video (adjusting the speed as you see fit). Think you look better filtered (who doesn’t?)…don’t worry, they have the feature as well! Export you photos to email, facebook, instagram, or message them to a friend. I promise is the most fun you’ll have in a App.

 Now to follow through on making my over-sized wall art…

Learn more about the Party! Party! App here