One Day Juice Cleanse

One Day Juice Cleanse

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I made it! One day juice cleanse- COMPLETE! I successfully completed one full day of drinking nothing but juice (cold pressed juices from The Weekly Juicery).

Why you ask?

After a day of no food… I’m asking myself the same thing. Mostly I blame the documentary Sick, Fat and nearly Dead for sparking mine and the misters interest in drinking more green juice and eating less meat (specifically red meat). If you are into food documentaries and/or are into learning more about what we put in our bodies and how we are effected by that then you’ll love Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. The transformation that Joe Cross goes through over 60 days from juicing is absolutely incredible.

What really caught my attention was the lady in the film, who juiced for only 10 days (4 green juices a day), and how incredible her face and skin looked in that short amount of time. If you follow me on Snapchat (username: lovelexington) you know I’ve been obsessed with my face lately as I’ve been dealing with constant breakouts and uneven skin tone. Earlier this week I had an Oxygen Therapy treatment done by Kate Cramer of Pure Aesthetique and WOW…what a difference….but more on that next week (I want to share some before and after photos for a real comparison). But what if I could get similar effects on my skin by just being more aware of what I’m putting in my body?

All of this sparked the idea to do a one-day juice cleanse. Could I do it? What would it be like? I mean, really…it’s one day…how hard could it be??

One call to The Weekly Juicery and six juices later…I was ready for the challenge.

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My cleanse would contain, in order of how I was instructed to drink them:

  1. Lively Lemon, 2. Green Acres, 3. Debo’s Remedy, 4. Felon Melon, 5. Cool Kale Energy, 6. Pineapple Passion

Photo Mar 02, 5 46 55 PM

Now I’m going to give you the truth!

I started off the cleanse at 8 AM with Lively Lemon. It was brutal…lemon and cayenne pepper first thing in the morning was hard to get down and there was little hope in my mind that I would make it past lunch without an actual meal. Around 10 AM, I grabbed Green Acres (I’m a fan of green juices with a fruit included) and things started on an up hill turn. Normally I’d head off to grab lunch around 12:30 but today I had doggie potty duty so I was occupied and not smelling all the delicious take-out coming into the office (oh did I mention we had oreo lemon balls brought in and I had to say no to Wild Eggs birthday lunch for a friend….so, so hard to resist).

Coming back from lunch, I was starting to get hungry…not as hungry as I normally would be if I hadn’t eaten until 2 PM….but hungry (level 6 or 7). I grabbed juice #3, Debo’s Remedy (which I was sure I would hate) but to my surprise it was similar to a Bloody Mary and the cayenne was more subtle in this juice and my hunger subsided. I was half way finished with the cleanse and I was feeling okay (not at all like I was going to die from starvation). One more juice left (the most delicious one), Felon Melon, before I would head home for the day.

Around 5 PM, I started to feel the hunger and began craving something warm (why is it snowing in March??!?) so I decided a cup of broth would be okay (and it is listed as “okay” on The Weekly Juicery FAQ page). I had originally planned to go to a 30-minute intense spinning class but decided it was best to cancel considering I get light headed doing spinning when I haven’t had enough to eat on a normal basis…I thought this wasn’t the time to try combining juicing and spinning.

As the night went on, I developed a slight headache. Not sure if it was from the lack of caffeine, lack of food, the crappy weather, or that I have zero energy and didn’t leave the couch once I got home (typical snowy night routine…and I have Netflix to catch up on…duh). I started on  juice #6 around 8 PM and considered jumping in bed early. It is good to give your mind, body and digestion a rest some times! With all the things I’m juggling, I probably don’t do it enough.

All in all…I’m glad I tried a one day cleanse. I’ve become more aware how much I think about food (which is a lot!). Will I ever go for a three day cleanse? Probably not (unless there is a medical reason) but I would absolutely do a one day cleanse again in the future when I’m feeling like I need a “reset” and I will continue to incorporate cold-pressed green juice into my life. It’s such a great way to get so many veggies into your body!

If you want to know more about cold-press juice check out this blog post I did in 2015 with The Weekly Juicery and/or stop in the store to get first hand information and sample some juices.


2 thoughts on “One Day Juice Cleanse

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  2. Emily

    So funny- Alex was also doing a one-day juice cleanse yesterday! I tasted one of his juices and I’m not sure I could do it! Great job sticking it out!

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