Napa: Rodney Strong

Napa: Rodney Strong

One more Napa post because this spot was just to good not to share.

By far one of my favorite stops of the weekend (next to Silver Oak), the Rodney Strong winery.  This stop was a special pick, as we were celebrating one of our friends birthday, and his wife had set up a reservation full with tasting’s and my personal favorite, Cheese & Charcuterie.



Napa/Sonoma…(wine country) is such a little booger. Being near the coast, the weather tends to be overcast in the morning (marine layer probs) and although it looks miserable outside at 9 AM, it will be sunny and beautiful before 11 AM! Even though I knew this would happen (it did in Hawaii too) I was never fully convinced the sun would come out. So as we left the hotel each day, I would do some last minute clothing changes and bundle up just in case because…well…I live in KY and when it looks cloudy and overcast…it’s usually a sign of a crappy weather day.


The cardigan was absolutely needed (the high hit about 70 each day) but the sun (and wine) quickly warmed our cheeks as we sat on the patio enjoying our wines, cheese + charcuteries, and celebrating the birth of our friend!




Don’t ask me to remember all the cheeses…I just remember there were six amazing options (goat and sheep included….my fav!) paired with four types of perfectly dry/cured meats. It was everything I had been dreaming of since we arrived in Northern California.

This dish was plenty to share for four people…and our half of the group may have finished off the other half’s plate. What can I say…I might be part mouse!


Cheers to the birthday boy (below) and his amazing wife for setting up our entire trip and picking such amazing spots for us to tour, taste, and enjoy each others company.

For those of you who don’t know, we started this traditional last May (2014) right here in Lexington, KY. Our group of 8 (4 couples) spent a weekend touring/eating Lexington and visiting some distilleries. We had so much fun together we decided to make it a yearly tradition. This years “spring break” trip was Napa and for 2016 we are planning for New Orleans.






If there had been an upscale pool option (full with a pool boy, frozen grapes and more wine) with this tasting…I would have stayed here the rest of the day!


If you are visiting the Napa/Sonoma (Wine Country) area put Rodney Strong at the top of your list. It is a little off the path from Napa but it is well worth the drive and there are lots of other wineries in the area to tour. The wines at Rodney Strong are mid prices (average $30 a bottle), there is a great variety of reds and whites, they absolutely nailed the cheese and charcuterie (oddly getting food at wineries is harder than I thought it would be!), and the ambiance is perfect for spending a few hours on the lawn, socializing with friends!

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