My Keeneland

My Keeneland

What an incredible weekend in Lexington for the opening weekend of Keeneland. The weather could not have been better and we were beyond excited to have friends from Birmingham up with us. With “tourist” in tow, we thought it important (especially since the weather was fabulous) to show them two different ways to experience Keeneland…1) tailgate Saturday and 2) my favorite…a more low key Sunday. This past Sunday was a little more special than normal with The Summit at Fritz Farm brunch event with The Original Makers Club that previewed a handful of the amazing retailers coming to the lifestyle center (Vineyard Vines, Ariat, Brooks Brothers…and I featured on the blog earlier this week FRYE!!!) …but Sunday has been one of my favorite Keeneland days for a few years now.

I still love a good ol’ tailgate but the crowds that pack inside Keeneland on a beautiful Saturday have become a bit much for me (I blame old age…)

There are a few ways to tailgate at Keeneland. You can tailgate on the Hill (with food trucks, tents and the works) or you can tailgate in the regular parking area (which we have done for years) and what we chose to do this trip back. Our Lexington friends mixed and mingled with our Birmingham friends…we ate chick-fil-a nuggets, pretzels + beer cheese, drank champagne from fancy plastic cups, and just had a heck-of-a-good-time with the warm sun on our cheeks. Seeing old friends is always such a joy that we end up spending more time “tailgating” than planned and head in for 2-3 races before calling it a day.

With The Frye Company coming to Lexington…I had to rock my new boots to Keeneland. I may, or may not, have had on leggings and socks (I did) for this chilly Saturday at the races. My dress is from a Lexington boutique (currently just doing pop-ups) known as Blush Box Co. and they’ll be at Market 3o1 on Friday, April 21st.

I’d like to caption this photo (above) “when you finally find your friends at Keeneland…after the parking attendants WILL NOT let you go to the row you want”

okay, I get it…you have a job to do and I get that you need to get in as many cars in as possible…but we need to find our friends and drink $7 champagne out of plastic flutes….it’s extremely important task! 


Sunday…aka – my favorite day of Keeneland

We returned for a killer brunch by The Summit at Fritz Farm + The Original Makers Club. I’m talking waffle bar and this egg scramble that was amazing! Ohand all the Woodford and/or Champagne you could want. I may have drank my body weight (and then some) in champagne opening weekend (this is okay…right?!) 

Nothing made me happier than my really awesome Birmingham friends, being in Lexington and getting to meet my just as awesome Lexington friends. Literally, I left this weekend like a giddy school girl with her first crush. My two different worlds coming together as one (ahhhh…gush!) …and we are planning for my Lexington friends to visit in Birmingham later this summer.

Typical (above)…if you think I’m a super serious person—you are so wrong. Mostly goofy with a side of nerdy non-sense…and apparently confusion based on Natalie’s face.

Can we take a moment to talk about this Frye bagand this E.Leigh’s dress. BOTH are coming to Lexington and will be located a The Summit at Fritz Farm. I swear….Lexington…you aren’ t even going to know what hit you. The stores coming to join our great city are going to enhance life 100% (ugh…I wish I could spill all the beans!!) 

Um…hello hottie...aka The Kentucky Gent..what a pleasure it was running into you at The Summit party! If you aren’t giving this fella a follow….then go do it now. Seriously…he’s killing it over in Louisville and I’m happy to call him a friend.

A big thanks to Marc, for showing us a side of Keeneland I’ve never experienced, inside the Paddock. It truly was an incredible weekend and I wish I could just do it all over again starting tomorrow!

We bet, we won, we lost, we ate, we drank…we shopped (and bought all the Henry Dry Goods stuff in the gift shop!)

Keeneland is one of the best things about Lexington, Kentucky. Do not take it for granted locals! I miss getting the opportunity to go every weekend and now make it a point to come home for the spring and fall meets to enjoy and to spend time with my friends, celebrating such a great tradition.

See you in October Keeneland!

Photography by Jesse Rohr

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