Murals of Lexington

Murals of Lexington

The murals around Lexington are one of my favorite highlights of this beautiful city! Each year, the number of them painted around the city increase with a big thanks to Prhbtn, the orginization that finds all the great street artist to paint our city and Lex Arts. The 5th Prhbtn “installment” went up just a few weeks ago, which always builds excitement and encourages Lexingtonians to get out and explore.

So what’s the best route or way to see majority of the Murals around Lexington? The Mister and I did it by bike one stunning Saturday (and there are still a lot of smaller ones we didn’t get to).

Starting at the beginning of the Legacy Trail in the East End of Lexington, our first stop:


Louis Armstrong Mural, Lighthouse Ministries, 185 Elm Lane. Muralist: Odeith

From Elm Street, head on over toward Broadway and up to West Sixth Street stopping at West Sixth Brewery.


Untitled. On the side of West Sixth Brewing. Muralist: Gaia

Feel free to stop in for a local craft beer or grab some lunch at County Club before you head on up to Chase Brewing to see one of the new, 2015 installments.


Chase Brewing, Jefferson and Third Street. Muralist: Dheo and Pariz

Next, we headed down Jefferson Street to Manchester Street. This area is full of big and small murals. Many are on the sides of small business…keep your eyes peeled or you may miss them.


Dogtown Mural. Manchester Street. Muralist: ???


Both these murals (above and below) are located on buildings across from the “garden” that sits in front of the MTO mural.


Einstein, Manchester Street. Muralist: Unknown


Possibly the most controversial mural in Lexington (and one of my favorites), the MTO mural. Completed by Prhbtn as part of the 4th year 2014 installment…this mural was all sorts of drama for its “perceived” gang signs. If you look closely you’ll see an M and O (for the artist name)…not gang signs…


My Name is MTO. Manchester Street Distillery District. Muralist: MTO

Don’t forget to look up above past MTO, to find this little worm!



Untitled. Manchester Distillery District (next to Etheral Brewing). Muralist: Phlegm.


Dead Bee on a Wall. Manchester Distillery District (next to the water tower). Muralist: ROA

After circling the distillery district, we made our way back downtown and up Broadway to Short Street. Be sure to look up as your round past the old “Festival Market” for a new mural that was painted after our bike ride.


Tulip Poplar. On Broadway in the stairwell into the Lex Park Garage across from Urban Outfitters. Muralist: Lucy Hale.

As you round onto Short Street, be sure to stop next to the parking garage and Table 310 for the bigger than life mural by How &  Nosm. We spent a few evenings in 2014 on the Table 310 and Village Idiot patios watching this beauty go up. I did notice that a chunk of the paint is missing (top left hand corner)…I hope this can be touched up and/or that the rest of the mural doesn’t start chipping off (eek!) It is too pretty a mural for Lexington to lose it.


Moonshine. Short Street Parking Garage (next to Table 310). Muralists: How & Nosm


Lilly and the Silly Monkeys. Belle’s Cocktail House off Short Street. Muralist: Herakaut

See photos from the installment in 2012 here.

Rounding down Short Street, we pulled into the public parking lot aside Belle’s Cocktail House for a peek at one of the first murals that caught my eye. Lilly and her silly monkeys…this mural is part of a storybook series by Herakaut (sister mural is over by Arcadium) and the other’s in this series can be seen all over the world!

Coming back out to Short Street, we made our way just past Shorty’s for the Night Watchers.


Night Watchers. Short Street (next to Shorty’s Market). Muralist: Andrew Hem

Cross over to Martin Luther King and over to the most stunning mural in Lexington, Lincoln. This masterpiece is the most iconic in Lexington and is one everyone has seen, heard of or wanted to hunt down upon their visit. For the perfect view, go on up to High Street and into the parking lot overlooking Vine Street. Go in the late evening or weekends to insure cars + trucks won’t be parked out in front of him.


Lincoln. Behind the KY Theatre on Vine Street. Muralist: Eduardo Kobra

From Vine Street, we made our way out North Limestone, another great area full of murals (some not captured here). The sister mural to “Lilly & the Silly Monkeys” seen below along with a few others that I am unaware of the artist (like the one on the side of the Fried Chicken restaurant.)


Where Dreams Come From. North Limestone (on the side of Arcadium). Muralist: Herakaut




A Tradition of Music. North Limestone and Sixth Street on the side of Al’s Bar. Muralist: Michael Burrell.

My third favorite mural is just up North Limestone, next to Mintons @ 760, The Buffalo (same artist as the Dead Bee that we saw over in the Distillery District.)


Buffalo, Located at 139 Luigart Ave on North Limestone. Muralist: Rao

We loaded up our bikes and jumped back in the car for the next two Murals because 1) I’ve been dying to get a photo of this Jimi Hendrix mural at the random gas station on Loudoun Ave and 2) to head up toward Two Keys to see the new mural on the side of Oneness Boutique.


Jimi Hendrix. Located at the gas station on Loudoun Ave + Contract Street. Muralist: Kalya Arnold


Unnamed. Side of Oneness Boutique, from the Joe Bologna’s parking lot. Muralists: Sheryo and The Yok

We all know that the Mister and I stayed for a drink or two at Two Keys after a long morning of touring the city on our bikes. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny fall day!

What’s your favorite way to tour the murals of Lexington? (If anyone knows the muralist that are unknown or unnamed please shoot me an email: so that I can update this listing!)

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