Mix on Vine Blowout

Mix on Vine Blowout



You are not going to believe this!  I’ve got another giveaway for you courtesy of Mix on Vine! (scroll to the bottom…to enter)

Blowdry Bars are all the rave across the US, especially in large cities (New York, Miami, Chicago) and one of my favorite bloggers, The Londoner (as in England, not Kentucky…) gets her hair blown out all the time and I’m super jealous of her lushious locks. You can only imagine my excitement as a small town girl, with a big city heart to find out that Mix on Vine has a Blowdry Bar!

To add to my excitement,  Mix on Vine invited me in to experience first-hand, their Blowdry Bar. Of course I accepted and could not wait to get it booked so that I could share with you what a blowout looks like.

Mix On Vine-1233

 On the day of my appointment, I headed on over to Mix on Vine, checked in at the front desk, then plopped down in the waiting area for Lydia. How fabulous and comfy are these giant pillows?

Mix On Vine-1300

 This space (what used to be the Lexington Visitor Center) is so amazing. It’s the perfect mix of modern meets industrial with the crisp clean design and open rafter ceilings. I keep threatening to set up my blogging post here (and Mix is so great…they would absolutely let me!)

Mix On Vine-1297

 The entire building is draped in these beautiful works of art, adding to the soothing element that is Mix on Vine.

Before I knew it, Lyida whisked me away and off to the wash room we went.

Mix On Vine-1262

To start the blowout process Lydia began with a cleansing scrub, that included one amazing head message and an aroma therapy treatment. I opted for “stress relief…”

Mix On Vine-1251

Mix on Vine has an actual blowout bar (think bar with hair dryers plugged in) but unfortunately the sun was just too bright shining in the front windows and was going to make my photographers life harder. We opted for Lydia’s booth for my blowout to ensure the lighting was good for the photos.

How great are these white bar stools at the SIP area? If you want coffee, tea, etc…it’s all yours as you get a caffeine of your choice with your blowout.

Mix On Vine-1302

PS…I’m such a copy cat- As soon as I saw these adorable jars full of coffee and tea essentials, I ran off to Home Goods to snatch one up for my own personal, at home, coffee station.

Mix On Vine-1237


Let the blowout begin! 

Mix On Vine-1269

I have to admit, I always get nervous when having my hair “blown out.” I have thick, wavy hair that only looks shiny and smooth if blown out or flat ironed properlyAnd I am super picky. There are only a handful of stylist that can get it as smooth and straight as I like (and Lydia nailed it!)

Mix On Vine-1283

There are a few different styles of blowouts you can get. Do you want full, thick, bouncy curled blowout? Sort of full, but more sleek? Or do you want a more flat smooth blowout?

Mix On Vine-1289

I opted for the more smooth look, with a bit of bounce and fullness at the roots. 

Keep in mind, I wear my hair stick straight (flat ironed) on a daily basis so the word “volume” makes me clam up.

Mix On Vine-1306

Lydia started with the front, going section by section through my thick head of hair. Pulling each small section through the round brush as she dried.

Mix On Vine-1310


My ends were flipped and flopped and sections pinned back as she worked her way around. You will briefly feel like “Cousin It” but the end result is so worth it.

Mix On Vine-1316

I love getting my hair styled. It’s so relaxing and a bit indulging. I literally could sit in her chair for hours and let her style my hair.

Mix On Vine-1307

As promised, Lydia gave me a little bit of “umph” at my roots and crown (but not too much!) If your moto is “go big or go home” then that kind of blowout is definitely an option.

Mix On Vine-1331

Mix On Vine-1333

As we wrapped up the blowout, Lydia focused on  framing my locks around my face. Moving her fingers through my hair, putting the pieces exactly where she wanted them.

Mix On Vine-1329


I absolutely loved the end result. My hair was so smooth, soft but yet full and vibrant. The ends had so much movement and were perfectly piecey (which I love!) 


Mix On Vine-1354

Blowouts are a great way to pamper yourself for a special event or if you just because.

A blowout from Mix on Vine is $30 but if you mention this post until May 22nd you can get it at the Happy Hour price of $25! 

Now for the really fun part. Mix on Vine is giving Love, Lexington readers a chance to win a FREE Blowout! I know, it’s madness. A Blowout giveaway and an Aerial Yoga give away (see here for the Aerial Yoga.) Mix on Vine is too, too good to me! 

Enter below and be sure to like Mix on Vine and Love, Lexington on Facebook to be qualify to win if your name is drawn (the contest will end in one week.)

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