Mix it up! { Bourbon Ball Moonshine }

Mix it up! { Bourbon Ball Moonshine }

You guys already know I’m loving my bottle of Bourbon Ball Moonshine from Rabbit Hole Distilling (a new distillery opening in NuLu in Louisville)…let’s just say it’s quickly become my new “night cap”. I have just been serving it up over rocks and while it is perfect all by itself…Mister Love Lexington had the idea to try mixing it into a cocktail.

I know nothing about what mixes well with what…or even what the mixing options are out there. It really is best to let the professionals handle that! So with my Bourbon Ball Moonshine in hand, I headed over to Two Keys Tavern to see how my friends there would mix it up.

First up…

The Bourbon Ball Espresso

What you’ll need: 

  • 1 part Bourbon Ball Moonshine
  • 1 part Stirrings Espresso
  • Shake over ice and serve

Absolutely my favorite and would make for the perfect, hot summer night coffee drink! A hint of espresso, a hint of bourbon and a hint of chocolate.





Then there is the oh-so-obvious…why didn’t I think of that (probably because I’ve never worked in a bar)…

The Bourbon Chata Ball. 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 part RumChata
  • 1 part Bourbon Ball Moonshine
  • Shake over ice and serve

For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth…the Boubon Ball + RumChata mixture is right up your alley. Heck throw it in your blender and make a frozen treat out of it this summer! You’ll be thankful for this on the next 90 degree day.





A big THANK YOU to Two Keys Tavern and Stagger Inn for helping me “mix it up” in this post!

A special thank you to Rabbit Hole distilling for sponsoring the Bourbon Ball Moonshine and making such a delicious beverage! 

Photography by: Jesse Rohr


2 thoughts on “Mix it up! { Bourbon Ball Moonshine }

  1. PatGLex

    OMG — I *love* RumChata and have come across few drink combos to mix with it! I”ll definitely be going out to get some Bourbon Ball Moonshine this weekend just for this!

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      It literally is THE best. We drink it with Jack Daniels Honey as shots or over ice too.

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