Meet Your Maker: Jason + Amanda from Southern Drawl Creations

Meet Your Maker: Jason + Amanda from Southern Drawl Creations

Meet Your Maker: Jason + Amanda from Southern Drawl Creations

Market301-8810 Meet Jason and Amanda Hall. Owners and curators behind Southern Drawl Creations.

How did Southern Drawl Creations get it’s start?

Southern Drawl Creations (SDC) started purely on accident. We were married in July 2014 and had a Kentucky themed wedding, where each member of our bridal party received a hand-etched glass from them as part of their gift for being part of our big day. Amanda had previously learned to etch glass just in her personal time. At the completion of our wedding we had a few extra glasses left over when Amanda posted a photo of just a KY Bourbon glass to our personal social media pages. The response was huge when shared to just family and friends, and we sold our first 200 glasses in just two weeks, and Southern Drawl Creations was born.

Is SDC a hobby or full-time for Y’all?

We both have full time, successful jobs we love! (Jason in retail management and Amanda in cosmetic sales). Southern Drawl quickly became a “full-time responsibility” but we both don’t feel as if SDC is work. We really enjoy getting out and hearing people’s stories, meeting new KY friends, preaching the southern gospel of Lexington, and being some of the city’s biggest ambassadors. As SDC continues to grow, we hope to foster the current relationships that we have with the Lexington community. To continue to develop relationships with wholesale gift boutiques, other local vendors, and the people who support our brand.


(Thirsty Hearts Design + SDC Collaboration with Lexington KY Hand lettered glassware)

What’s your favorite thing about Lexington?

We absolutely LOVE the city of Lexington. We love the all accepting culture. The festivals, parades, the culinary/mixology culture and the hospitality. Lexington has so much to offer and we want to be sure that everyone we meet understands that. We love the support the community offers to shop locally whether it be the neighborhood coffee shop, bar, restaurant or gift boutique. There’s so much pride and history in the city itself as well as the state of Kentucky. We travel as often as possible and go out of our way to share the spirit of KY with people we meet in our travels. We want to show them that the people of KY far exceed any stereotypes that may be out there. Our goal is to leave an impression that Kentuckians are some of the most friendly and awesome people they will ever meet.

Where are you originally from and how’d you get to Lexington?

I, Jason, am originally from Louisville, KY and lived in Nashville, TN for 5 years. When moving to Lexington for work, I feared that the city wouldn’t offer much for me, as I was used to living in larger cities. I couldn’t have been more wrong once I started exploring. I had plans to only temporarily be in Lexington and relocate back to Nashville after about a year, however, I met Amanda and we started to build a life together in Lexington…We made the decision to stay in Lexington and put down some roots.

I, Amanda, am originally from Georgetown, KY and attended UK for school but I’ve lived in Lexington ever since. While I did consider moving back to Nashville with Jason, I would have gone kicking and screaming from Lexington. Kentuckians are my people!

Tell us about your family or pets?

We round out our family with our furry friend, Hopper…an all-white cat with a pink nose and ears and bright green eyes. While he certainly resembles a rabbit, the name comes from the fact that we picked him up from a foster situation on Easter Sunday 4 years ago.


Southern Drawl’s Lexington Favorites:

Restaurant: If we have to pick just one, Saul Good, the spot of our first date and a continual mainstay dinner spot. The Argentinian Steak Pizza and Beer Cheese Nacho’s are our go to!

Bar: Local Breweries for sure! Country Boy, West Sixth, Blue Stallion, and Ethereal. We’ve also been known to frequent Rosebud a time or two……

Late Night Grub: It’s tough to beat a late night slice of GoodFella’s pizza…but it’s hard to resist a 2-piece Spicy Box with wedges and mac-n-cheese from Richie’s! And the cornbread y’all…..

Lunch Spot: Lexington Diner. Seriously, if you’ve not been there, get there. Fantastic creative dishes using locally sourced ingredients, a brunch menu that changes bi-weekly, affordable prices, and the best staff on the planet.

Outdoor/Recreation Spot: Thursday Night Live and patio hopping at the many local breweries, restaurants and bars. We love the summer months and just getting out and about with friends enjoying the sunshine.

Fav SDC release: 

Jason: My Old Ky Home Bourbon Set of 4.

Amanda: Classy AF Champagne


Random Facts about SDC:

We are a House Divided (UK & UL).

We have been to over 25 concerts in their time together.

We buried a bottle of bourbon at their wedding site 30 days before the ceremony… it didn’t rain a drop on our wedding day (a southern tradition apparently!) And yes, we dug the bottle up and will crack it open on our 5th wedding anniversary (if it lasts until then….)

We love to travel to new cities and always enjoy the cities culture, food, and libations. We’ve never been to the same city twice.

Favorite kitchen item…Jason-cast iron and Amanda-Kitchen aid mixer (She’s the baker; he’s the chef)


Follow them SDC on Facebook and here on Instagram. Stop their booth and say hi at the upcoming Market 301 (Friday, May 27th).

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