Meet Your Maker: Angie Poston of Thirsty Hearts Design

Meet Your Maker: Angie Poston of Thirsty Hearts Design

Meet Your Maker: Angie Poston of Thirsty Hearts Design


How did you start Thirsty Hearts Design?

Thirsty Hearts Design actually came about by a need to create and write down words that pointed me back to truth. I was in the midst of dealing with and healing from some hard things from my past….I am a survivor of rape and as I began to process the hard and hurtful things, my eyes began to open up to the idea that I could live a life without chains -that I could not only survive, but I could fly. I once read a quote by A.W. Tozer that said “Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been awakened by the touch of God within them.” And at that point in my life, my heart and mind had been woken up by my God who relentlessly loves me. I have always loved creating and designing. Before this, I was doing graphic design. However, I was tired of finding the right “font” and picked up my pencil and began to write. From there it has grown into this beautiful, therapeutic process of not only creating words that encourage and build up, but providing a space where I get to lift someone up. Maybe wake them up that real life is to be had and that chains are never permanent. Hopefully my art and designs reflect that. My goal is to ignite something in you through art prints, greeting cards, anything I can write words on.

Is Thirsty Hearts Design a hobby or a full-time gig for you?

Well, it is very much a full-time gig for me, but I am also a full-time mom.  I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my two kids ( 6 & 3 years old) and create beautiful things in the process. My hope for them is that they would see their mom fight for her dreams and love them well. And that looks like my dream of caring for them and my dream of Thirsty Hearts Design.

What’s your short-term plan for Thirst Hearts Design?

I’m a “take one step at a time” kind of girl. Therefore, I take things as they come. I never dreamed I would be where I am two years ago. So I plan on continuing that plan: Work my tail off, walk through doors, shout at the top of my lungs with true and igniting words. My dreams are big and unknown so I just continue to, every day, do something new. Growth is my goal.


What’s your favorite thing about Lexington?

I have been here since college (2002) and I have fallen in love over and over again, year after year with this city. I think my absolute favorite thing is how supportive the Lexington is of small businesses. There is just such a sweet community of people here, building each other up, and supporting each other. I feel like that’s why it keeps getting better and better. Because with growth comes when people working together. Oh, and the beer & restaurants. Seriously, I can never go back to the “old beer” or the “old restaurants” again. It would be blasphemy if I did.

Where are you originally from? What about your Family? Kids? Cats? Dogs? 

Originally, I am from Louisville! I moved here to go to College in 2002 and met my husband, Micah, during my time there. We got married after graduation and have stayed here ever since. This year will be 10 year anniversary! A couple of fostered golden retrievers and two kids later…we cannot image living anywhere else.  My son, Silas, is 6-years old and my daughter, Elle, is 3-years old. Our fostered golden found an incredible forever home…our kids are animals enough at this point in our lives :).

Mark a Derp Derp-4320

Now most importantly…your Lexington favorites: 

Restaurant?  Hands down, The County Club

Bar? Country Boy Brewing!

Late night grub? The Local taco-best margaritas and chips/queso

Sweet/Treats spot? Crank and boom is a favorite in our home

Lunch spot? The Mouse Trap

Outdoor/recreation spot?  We love going to the arboretum and walking around, but their children’s garden is so much fun for our family to do together. Also, Hill n’ Dale has a playground in the neighborhood that we frequent regularly…along side Southland Pool, their playground is amazing (for all the parents out there.)



Thirsty Hearts Design will not be set up at the May 27th Market 301 but will return for the June 17th Market! Shop her Esty shop in the meantime here!

[ Photography by Jesse Rohr ]

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