Last Sunday, when our friends were in town, we started off our Sunday at Country Boy Brewing, playing giant jenga and sampling some local beers. After a few hours basking in the sun, we thought they would enjoy the beauty and shade of Gratz Park and headed off to check out Mayfest.


Lexington may be cutest dog capital of the US! This little girl is too adorable.


Mayfest if full of vendors, showing off their talents for two full days (unfortunately Saturday was a big, rainy mess!)


The husband was trying to make friends with this furry dude…I don’t think he was picking up what Jesse was putting down.






These Kentucky shape cutting boards were screaming my name and saying, “load me with all your favorite cheeses!!”





Have you seen the mobile TinCan Coffee around town? It was too hot out for me to have a cup, but props to the mobile tin can for their cool design! Keep your eye out for it around town.


People spawled out on the lawn, enjoying their treats off the food trucks, listening to the live music and watching the different live events on the stage.


Gratz Park is one of my favorite spots in Lexington. It’s green and lush this time of year and is perfectly romantic for a stroll anytime day or night.


We walked to the park, West Sixth beers in hand, strolling in and out of the little shops.


These body creams look good enough to eat!


If you get too tired from the heat, feel free to lie down and take a little siesta!




Crank and Boom had a line consistently, all day, which is not surprising with the 80+degree temperatures on this beautiful Sunday. Had we not been heading to grab a bite to eat, I would haven’t gotten myself a scoop.


I love when my camera is stolen…it’s fun to find the really funny photos from the thief (Jesse).


Cool shades bro!


Busted! Checking out their selfie from under the “Gratz Park” archway.


…and then there are photos like this…


and this…


And then there is this




Mayfest was great was perfect for our lazy Sunday. I love seeing all the local vendors selling their crafts street side. The next one won’t be back until next May, but be sure to 1.) take a stroll through Gratz Park before the summer is over, and 2.) put Mayfest on your calendar to visit next spring!