Maria’s Kitchen.

Maria’s Kitchen.

If you follow me on any social media…you know that I love tacos. I love bbq tacos, steak tacos, chicken tacos, shrimp tacos…if it can be put in a flour shell then I’m going to devour it! After putting out a challenge to Lexington on who had the best tacos in town (I have lots of favorites and love them all equally), I was interested to try this Lexington favorite, Maria’s Kitchen.

I know some of you are saying “Where in the world is this place?” or “I’ve never heard of that!” and if you do not frequent North Broadway (at the Loudon cross) or the North Limestone area then you would not know this place existed.

It is the perfect “hole in the wall,” which are the places I’m always dying to try because they are usually the best!

My first attempt to eat here was on a Sunday…take note, they are not open on Sunday’s (which…like Chick-fil-a will automatically make you want it on Sunday). Attempt #2… I was able to convince the Cake + Whiskey planning ladies to join me for dinner here as we laid out the rest of the years events.

It is kind of funny to this we kind of had a “business meeting” here…

Let’s get to those tacos!


Maria’s is a “walk up and order” or “get it to go” kind of place. Don’t show up here expecting to get a basket of chips and salsa or margaritas…because that’s not going to happen (nor will you be serenade by a mariachi band…thank goodness) The menu is on the wall and you have choices and choices to chose from.


I was one here for one and only reason…going back to the Instagram challenge.. everyone was raving over the homemade tortilla shells and tacos. Quickly, I ordered and  grabbed us a table. I’ve been told this place can get crazy busy at lunch. The crowd for dinner, on this Tuesday night it was steady and finding a seat was easy. The patio is covered but be warned there is not an inside dining room.


My friends had a much harder time making a choice and thinking back…I wish I’d dug into the menu a little more and tried 10 different things! For some reason, enchilada’s sound so good right now!

Maria’s has Mexican Coke (made with real cane sugar) and these cute mandarin orange sodas. Isn’t soda is glass bottles is so much cooler than soda in ugly plastic bottles.


After you order, find a seat and when you food is ready, they will call out your order at the window (kind of confusing..and felt a little like getting pizza at the pool as a kid!)

Finally my order was called and out came my Taco’s…get on in there….you can smell the amazingness, can’t you?

On my plate: Steak Taco and Barbacoa Taco with a side of rice and beans. (Why do I love re-fried beans? I cannot eat Mexican food without getting them!)




These shells were amazing! On yelp, everyone speaks of this red and green sauce. I’m not sure if it’s something you have to ask for but I wish I had known that ahead of time. My taco’s were good but with sauce they would have been amazing. The homemade shells were perfection!


If you are interested in checking out Maria’s Kitchen, you can find it on North Broadway (Willie’s Locally Known is to the left of it and the Dollar Store is directly across the street). right before the Loudon cross street. They do take credit card (Visa and Mastercard…I couldn’t find any info on this prior to going and pulled out it’s nice to be able to share that!).

I would say most menu items, with some being platters, are between $5-10 and a taco is less than $2.00! (Such a win!) They do offer some authentic items like beef tounge tacos (not brave enough to order or eat that!) if that is something you are into.

As you can see in the photo below, there is parking to the right side of the building and a few spaces out front.


I will absolutely return to Maria’s for this mystery red sauce and to try out the chicken enchilada’s.

Have you been to Maria’s Kitchen? Do you have a favorite menu item? If so, do share in the comments below as I’m dying to sample more of the menu.