Lyles BBQ Kick Starter.

Lyles BBQ Kick Starter.


Lyles BBQ is one food truck that is top on my list. Not only because their BBQ is delicious, but because this family is as genuine as they claim to be. The Lyles BBQ slogan, “Where your family eats with ours,” describes this family perfectly, if they didn’t have to serve you, they’d be sitting with you having a good-ol-time!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lyles BBQ Kick Starter preview dinner…which translates to lots of tasty BBQ, lots of food focused conversation (my language), meeting new friends (lots of food truck lovers like me), and viewing the kick starter video before it went public.

Before we get to the kick starter…lets first dive into this meal!


The Lyles family prepared up a slider trio for us. Including a flank steak, pulled pork (my fav!), and ribs….smothered in their perfectly sweet and spicy bbq sauce and held together by their amazing (and homemade) potato rolls.




So much juicy deliciousness happening in that pork. (We have to figure out that scratch and sniff blog post feature…) I could not wait to dive in!


The cobbleroh the blackberry cobbler! I’m still dreaming about it. If you visit Lyles BBQ, do not, I repeat…do not say no to the dessert…you will not regret it. (Have I ever steered you wrong?)



Chandler (the marketing/brand manager…and smiling face you’ll usually order from) says it best…“people can tell you your food is good till they are blue in the face…but you know it’s good when their plates are licked clean!



I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t devour this entire plate…because I did. And if I could have fit more in my belly, I would have been back for seconds.



Everything Lyles BBQ produces is made fresh, from scratch, and of the highest quality (locally sourced when possible). If you have visited the Lyles team, you know they are currently working from a “food tent” and trailer. They are looking to buy a truck which will help make their lives a little easier, give head chef and mom Jennifer Lyles ability to be more creative (I’m talking more fryers = more pork egg rolls!), and the ability to bring more BBQ to YOU and ME!

Head on over and watch their kick starter video, get to know this family, and make a pledge (every dollar counts). You will be supporting a local business that is  giving back to their supporters with lots of great “sponsor gifts” based on the level you pledge. My favorite is the $25 and $50 pledge that gets you Lyles BBQ food!

Keep an eye out for your’s truly (ME!) devouring a big-ol-juicy, pulled pork sandwich.