Loving Tan.

Loving Tan.

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with anything Lexington but it’s something I am always on the hunt for…and I’m sure you are too!

Self Tanners.

I have come to a point in my life where taking care of my skin and keeping it from being any more sun damaged than it already is, has become  important to me than being a bronzed goddess (specifically by a tanning bed). I have tried self tanner, after self tanner, after self tanner. I even bought my own spray tan machine once (and made Mr. Love Lex learn to spray me!)…which I loved…but hated the mess and the fact that I had to do it in my garage (which was usually either freezing or one million degrees).

Recently I came across Loving Tan, an Australian self tanning company, on Instagram. Seriously, the most beautiful, bronzed account you will ever follow. Too good to be true, right? A self tanner, with good color and application. I had to see for myself.


$35 and a few shipping days later…I had my own bottle of Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark along and a new self-tanning mitt (trust me…tanning mitts are the way to go).


The outcome? Pleasantly surprised!

Self-tanner  are best evaluated on these points (in order of importance to me):

Color: The color is a ++ for me! It was not as drastic as some of the posts in the instagram account, however some of that does have to do with your ability to produce melanin. I don’t normally tan very dark so I was impressed at the level I did achieve with one application.

Smell: The first time I tried this tanner, I put it on in the AM, fresh out of the shower. Mistake! The smell was with me all-day-long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too overbearing of a smell…but let’s be real…what self tanner doesn’t smell slightly like self-tanner? As the day went on I felt it was stronger and stronger.

The second time around (this one shown here) I put it on at night. Slept in it. Showered the next morning. So. Much. better! Zero smell the next day…after showering of course.


Ease of Application: I’m not overly crazy about this mitt or foam (I prefer a lotion). The edges of the mitt are sharp and I probably wouldn’t purchase it (I like my $5 Ulta one better) but you can find coupon codes for a free Loving Tan mitt (which is what I did). The mouse doesn’t spread easily and can look splotchy upon application (note why it’s better to sleep in it, then shower). After you rub it on, pat over areas that need touched up (this was a tip on IG and it did help!) Applying it on freshly showered skin was near impossible.

Feet & Hands: This is and always will be the struggle for girls who spray or self tan. No matter what you do, your feet suck up that self tanner like they’ve never seen a bottle of Jergen’s before! The first time I used this tanner, I applied it straight after exfoliating in the shower…mistake.

This time around, for my night-time application, I put lotion on my hands, feet, and elbows and got much better results (still not perfect but a level that didn’t scream self tanner). Keep in mind, when you use a mitt you are 98% less likely to get the insides of your hands stained. When you are apply the tanner to the backs of your hands, only use the leftover tanner from what you have rubbed on your arms or legs. You will get a much better result this way. Less is more on your hands and feet.


Transfer: Since the bottle I got wasn’t an “instant” tanner, there wasn’t a lot of bronzer transferred to my sheets on the night of the application. Mister gets completely grossed out when our white sheets are stained “tanner” color (even though it always washes out)…so this is a definite plus in my book. The next day I wore a white tee and did not notice any transfer. Win!

Longevity: I had a good three days with this color (see above) before I started to noticing fading…even on my face which gets washed twice a day. Applying the tanner two times a week would be the perfect amount to maintain this level of color…more if you wanted to darken the color.

Overall: I’m pretty happy with the tanner. Happier than with my $10 bottle of TanWise, from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but not as happy as when I had my spray tan machine. For $35 I feel like the product should go on a little smoother.

My first application was a hot mess. The second time around and incorporating a few of these tips (like patting and doing a night-time application) made me a little happier. Give yourself time and go slow making sure to cover any areas that might have gotten missed. If I was ordering again, I might have gone for the ultra dark (but then again it may have been too over the top). If I had to pay for the mitt I wouldn’t. You can get better mitts (Ulta and St. Tropez make better ones).


I’d love to hear your favorite tanner as I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bottle (maybe St. Tropez…I’ve heard great things) but will finish out the rest of my Loving Tan for sure. I had a handful of compliments on the color which is what the ultimate goal is, right?

7 thoughts on “Loving Tan.

  1. AlanaPeterso

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  2. Nick

    Very good post! Thanks for the info!! And very beautiful legs and feet, by the way! 🙂

  3. Amy

    I have tried a million fake tans and Loving Tan is better than anything! if only it came in spray tan form…
    I always go back to Loving Tan, it is just so easy, even when my skin isn’t prepped. I see so many people raving about St Tropez and I think Loving tan is way better and not sticky.

  4. Heather S.

    You MUST try SUN brand- spray or lotion. The lotion is my favorite. The color is better than anything I have ever tried (including professional) and I have tried probably 100 sprays/lotions. Order on Amazon.com ($20+/-). You can pick your color- Medium, Dark or Ultra Dark, get a pack of rubber gloves while you are at it… I start at my legs, work it on to my feet and go from there. It has instant tint so you can see the color developing. Sleep on it, rinse off in the morning and you are tan for a week! If you want more color or when you start to fade- just reapply! Anything that comes off on sheets/clothes will wash off and if you rub it on too fast it will dry and clump- don’t worry it will still tan you without streaking. The spray is great too but it makes a mess. The lotion is hands down my go-to self tanner- I even used it the night before my wedding!

  5. Sarah

    The new Jergens mousse has very similar packaging and directions to the one you used. It has no real smell and works great, I was definitely surprised for $12.00

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      I just saw a super popular blogger using this new Jergens mousse. I may have to try it!!

  6. Lisa

    I read some online post recently that ranked the best self-tanners. Tan Physics was ranked #1, so I ordered it. I don’t have a lot of experience with self-tanners, but I thought it was pretty good. I will definitely be grabbing one of those Ulta mitts!

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