Love Lexington Travels: SoCal

Love Lexington Travels: SoCal

Nothing better than boarding a plane, across the country to find warmth and sunshine, when Kentucky has been frigid cold and gloomy. Lucky for Mr. Love Lexington, his new Shop Local Kentucky “Keep the Grass Blue” hoodie arrived just in time for the trip!



First stop on our SoCal journey was Huntington Beach. We have some friends that live out this way, so we shacked up in an ocean front hotel and did a little bar/food hopping on this beautiful Saturday.


After grabbing a bite to eat we headed down the PCH to The Crow Bar and Kitchen for refreshments (French 75’s!). AND lucky for us there was a Sprinkles just across the way.  My friend Lisa is kind of obsessed and was not going to let us leave until we had cupcakes that tasted like “Unicorn gum drops and cotton candy clouds”…how can one say no to that?




After licking our fingers free of icing, we hoped back in the car and off to Laguna Beach for some sight seeing. First stop, Laguna Beach High School! I’m  not kidding. At all.  Located at the top of this horrific, death-defying hill, sits the High School where it all began…”Laguna Beach: The Real OC.”

After that…we needed more cocktails. Parking in this adorable area, that slightly reminds me of a beach side Gatlinburg, we strolled through shops and stopped at a little dive bar called The Laguna Beach Saloon. Drink requests…bourbon!

Each year, our friends get together for a “spring break” trip (last year they came to Lexington for a food crawl and bourbon tasting…see some of it here)…but this year we are planning an epic trip to Sonoma…aka: Wine country! We had to “snap” our group to let them know we were on top of  planning!


Since we obvioulsy hadn’t had enough sweets for one day…we stopped to see the Candy Man at the The Candy Baron. We bought candy cigarettes (the gum kind), Kermit and Fozzy Pez dispensers, and reds hot sauce jelly beans (oddly….they taste just like Hot Sauce…).


We had some time to kill before dinner, so we stopped off to kick our feet up, relax and smoke cigars…like real men do. Okay, stop laughing…yes I got to try my first cigar. I’m pretty sure most of the men at Siglo Cigar were super annoyed by us…or jealous their wives weren’t puffing away the Saturday with them! No clue what I was smoking (or not smoking since there’s no inhaling…I still don’t get the point) but Lisa definitely was the better flavor picker with her vanilla cigar.


I was very much looking forward to dinner at Bosscat after spotting an epic stacking of “fruity pebbled french toast” on their Instagram page. Sadly this is only a Sunday Brunch item and I was unable to partake in such a glorious dish. Don’t you worry Bosscat…I’ll be back for you and that french toast one day!


Instead on indulging in fruity pebbles, I sipped on an old fashion to drown my sarrows (btw this place has a pretty awesome Bourbon list…the rest of the US is quickly catching on to what we’ve got going on here in Kentucky).


I spotted Manny Hattan (the elf), trying to sneak into a bottle of bourbon (shame on you Manny…bad elf!)….


And then devoured a SoCal Hot Brown. I was warned that said hot brown was probably not going to live up to my standards, being from Kentucky and all…but that was not the case at all. It was pretty dag on tasty and I was not even slightly disappointed.

Give Bosscat a try if you are in the Newport area sometime. It can get packed, so reservations are highly recommended.


Saturday quick came to an end and we headed up to Anaheim to meet up with my work colleagues to prep for the weeks events. Just outside my hotel, The Disneyland Hotel, was Downtown Disney. The perfect spot to collect some holiday cheer with all the beautiful decorations. Including this tree surrounded by an ice rink.



Who doesn’t want a headboard that lights up and plays Disney music ?? (Mr. Love Lexington…that’s who!)


I wish I’d gotten time to venture around Disneyland (since I have never been) but unfortunately most of this trip was work and not play.



I was able to venture off and find this West Coast must have! It’s a hands thrown up in the air and angels begin singing kind of occasion when In-n-Out burger is spotted. You can’t come to Cali and not stop for a double-double animal style with animal style fries.




For those who don’t know, In-n-Out burger has a secret/not so secret menu (the secret is on the website but you won’t find it on the board in the restaurant). This little burger joint sells nothing but burgers, fries, and milk shakes. While this might be a fast food joint, you will fresh meat, made to order…nothing is frozen and nothing is packed with preservatives. Oh what I’d give to have one in Lexington!

I love traveling, but I also love coming home to Kentucky…especially to find the sun shining (you are welcome…I brought that back for you!).

Until we meet again California! And feel free to send us an In-n-Out burger!!