Local Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Local Kentucky

Local Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Local Kentucky

Today’s local gift is one that everyone on your holiday list can get behind (or should I say into)…everyone from or that lives-in Kentucky that is!

Why you ask? …because Kentuckians are proud of their state and we will boldly wear it upon our chest!

This Love Lexington favorite is the local, Kentucky wearables from Shop Local KY. “The KY Shop” was formed with one goal in mind…to help fund the shop local KY initiative (which will soon be a mobile App that will help you find locally owned and operated KY stores/restaurants). A goal that is near and dear to my heart as it is also one of the reasons I started Love, Lexington…and the whole purpose behind this weeks holiday posts. I hope it is one that you can get behind and support.

But lets get to the point…how epic this sweatshirt is?! The team over at Shop Local is on point with their tee’s and sweatshirts (be sure to stop over and check out their other items like hats, bourbon coasters, and more!)

The hottest new addition to the KY Shop is the “Weep No More-My Lady” sweatshirt. Seriously one of the most comfortable and cozy pieces I have ever put on my body. Don’t worry fellas…there’s a matching crew neck version for you!

Don’t worry…we won’t tell if you order one for yourself and one for a gift! 








Weep No More” Sweatshirt / American Eagle straight jeans (distressed)/Ralph Lauren Sunnies/ Converse Low Profiles/ Clutch/iPad case c/o Clever with Leather (on sale @ J. Peterman)

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