The Weekly Juicery

The Weekly Juicery

Juicing is all the rave and something that just a few weeks ago, I knew nothing about. If you are like me, I felt overwhelmed by all the different types of juice (cold pressed and centrifugal juice extractors), figuring out which juice was actually good for my body, how long the juice is good for, etc.

The Weekly Juicery was kind enough to invite me down to learn more about juicing and I’m excited to give you the scoop.


The Weekly Juicery is a cold-press juice shop….meaning they first crush and then press the fruit and veggies to produce the highest yield juice. The cold-press does not produce as much heat during the process and therefore keeps more of the fresh ingredients and nutrients in the juice (and for a longer period of time…up to three days to be exact.)

A centrifugal juicer (similar to what you would have in your home) uses a fast spinning metal blade that spins against mesh to separate the juice and the flesh via centrifugal force. The juice and the pulp are then separated into different containers leaving you with just the juice. The problem with centrifugal juicers is the heat that is created from the spinning blades…that heat destroys some of the nutrients from the fruits/veggies and in turn produces a less nutritious juice. This type of juice should also be consumed within the first 20 minutes after its made or the nutrients from the fruits/veggies are lost.


A bottle of juice from The Weekly Juicery will run you around $9 a bottle and is good for up-to three days. Don’t live close by? You can sign up for weekly deliveries starting at three juices for $27 and up, and juice cleanses are also available. You can find more info here on pricing,. full juice menu, delivery and cleanse options.


My favorite thing about The Weekly Juicery over the other options in town is by far the juice tasting (who knew this was an option?!). Being new to juicing, I had no clue what flavors I would like or where to even begin. But never fearThe Weekly Juicery has you covered and will let you sample their juices while educating you on what’s in the bottle and what it benefit it has for your body. All you have to do is ask!



The green juice, “Cool Kale Energy” is one of the best for you (so many green veggies packed into that bottle!)but the “Sweet Beet Punch” (the dark purple juice) and “Felon Melon” (the bright pink juice) were by far my favorites! I think “Felon Melon” popsicles might be in order for summer 2015!


Next up…a wheat grass shot.  I’m not going to lie to you…it taste exactly like what you would think grass juice would taste like and smells like grass being mowed on a beautiful summers day…which I actually love.



But doesn’t it look so pretty being put into the juicer (I was way too fascinated by this process and the grass!)


The benefits of  wheatgrass shots is amazing! I had no clue. Wheatgrass juice is one of the best sources of Chlorophyll available…you can click here to see 50 reasons why you should par-take.



If juicing is something you are interested in learning more about (like me!) head on down to The Weekly Juicery (located on Old Vine Street) and they will give you the 4-1-1! And if they offer you a carrot cake sampler…take it…so, so, so good! Be sure to check out their acai bowl and raw grab-n-go foods.

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