Jefferson Street Hop

Jefferson Street Hop

This past weekend we had friends from across the US come to visit us here in Lexington. It was originally our hopes to have them in for Keeneland but with all our crazy travel/work schedules, the stars just didn’t align. Instead we opted for what they name “Spring Break Lexington” and we decided to show them all the things we love about our city.

Since everyone had different arrival times (planes coming from Philly and LA and a car ride in from Indiana) we decided to start off with cocktails and tapas at Entocea.


Brian and Laurel discovered Bourbon Barrel Ale. It was love at first sight. I do apologize…there is now a shortage of Bourbon Barrel Ale after their visit.




The rest of us decided upon old fashioneds …which is quickly becoming one of my favorite bourbon drinks (preferably with Woodford) and Enoteca does a stellar job at mixing one up!

Cheers to Lisa and her very first old fashioned.


The table got a mix of tapas: escargot (the special for the night), stuffed mushrooms, chorizo puffs, meatballs and marcona almonds.


How amazing do these mushrooms look? I don’t even like mushrooms but Jesse (husband) insisted I try one.


Of course they were incredible. He always proves me wrong when it comes to food.

The chorizo puffs (below), which I did not personally have, also looked delectable!


We talked and laughed on the patio, catching up as we all haven’t been in the same place since last September.

We all (well majority of the group) have a social media addiction (check out #springbreaklex on Instagram) and we would easily spend way too much time on our phones. So we decided to have a five-minute social media break at the top of every hour. That’s right, five minutes to check your Facebook, Snap chat, load an Instagram, etc… then your phone went into  your purse, pocket or upside down on the table. It was genius and hilarious!



As the sun began setting and the cocktails began to dry up, we decided to continue our Jefferson Street hop and head on down to County Club for dinner.


County Clubs new patio is wonderful. I have still yet to eat on it (but it’s going to happen and soon!) Unfortunately tonight was not going to be the night since the rain was coming and going


Just as we encourage local eating, we encourage local drinking and recommended our guests try one of the local craft beers. Laurel went for Country Boys Cougar Bait (after sadly finding out Nacho Bait was out).


Brian was not as easily persuaded when he saw a beer on the beer menu that he had to try. You can see him salivating as the waiter teased him with the pour.


The five-minute phone break continued through dinner as selfies and snapchats were captured to document their #springbreaklex adventures.


Photos were always allowed, especially food and drink photos! We are making memories and have to capture them (…to post later in our five-minute social media breaks).


We made recommendations (pretty much the entire County Club menu) and almost everyone got something different. An order was poutine, pulled pork, brisket, more poutine, more brisket, and of course the infamous mac and cheese (if you haven’t tried it…stop what you are doing…drive/walk to County Club and order yourself a bowl…then thank me!)


With full bellies, we headed off to West Sixth for more local beer. Lexington Craft Beer Week had begun the day before and we were eager to try out the limited edition County Western II beer, a collaboration between West Sixth and County Boy.


One of the best things you can get if you have not been to the breweries is a flight and test out a few different beers. I would recommend getting the staples at West Sixth (IPA, Amber Ale and Lemongrass). Most of the breweries offer these and they run just a couple of dollars for a sample.

I’d also recommend grabbing up a West Sixth glass, kozie or t-shirt (or heck grab a six pack to take home.) The West Sixth baseball tee is by far my favorite!


Completing a few rounds at West Sixth, we caught the trolley up to The Chase Taproom for a round (or ten) of pool. The Chase is expanding, adding this pool table, a beer garden (lights strung through the trees and all), and will soon be brewing their very own beer.


The storms blew in and Lisa, our friend from Cali was loving the thunder and lightning. We played pool and danced late into the night. As we departed we were hoping to catch the Trolley for one more ride back to the Hilton Downtown, but we waited to late and instead got to stumbled back  home in the rain.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Woodford Reserve tour, our Saturday Short Street Hop, and later this week our Sunday Funday.