Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi

Are you all as excited as I am?? The MoonTower Music Festival is just a few short days away and I am pretty pumped about the lineup.  (Don’t have tickets yet? Use code: lovelexington10 for $10 off the general admission price.)

I love that MoonTower is incorporating local Lexington bands/musicians like Tyler Childers, Ben Lacy, and Tee Dee Young throughout the day but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crazy excited to be for J.Roddy Walston and the BusinessMoon Taxi I’ve had Moon Taxi’s “Make Your Mind Up” and “All Day All Night” (from their newest album Daybreaker) on repeat for weeks now…not to mention some of my older favs like Whiskey Sunset and Morocco!


You can only imagine my excitement when MoonTower reached out and asked if I wanted to interview Moon Taxi (jumps up and down, spins, twirls, back-flips….okay maybe not a back-flip but I was pretty stinkin’ excited!)

Heck yeah…of course I do!

I’ve never interviewed a band before and wanted to steer clear of questions that could easily be found on Wikipedia or Google. I want to know more fun, personal things that will give me (and you) more insight to each of the band members personalities. Let’s dive in and see what Moon Taxi has to say about their favorite Nashville restaurants , who’s the best dancer,  what Michael Jackson song they’d cover if they had to, and what other bands inspire these guys!


Trevor (vocals + guitar)

Q: When you are working on a new album, like your newest one coming out “Day Breaker”, what inspires the band? It is usually the lyrics that come first or do does one member hear the music in their head and set lyrics around it?  We don’t really have a formula for songs.  Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the music.  It’s usually best when they come all at once and the song develops quickly and organically. With Daybreaker, we drew on our personal lives more so than previous records.  We are talking about commitments more than retelling tales from the road.  I think it’s our most intimate group of songs to date.

Q: If you weren’t a band member in Moon Taxi, what would you be doing for career? I would either run an imported cheese shop, teach yoga, or be teaching English abroad.

Q: In college, pre-“Moon Taxi” you were the backup band for a rap duo (which I find interesting) was rap a genre that inspired you or was it more of a way to get your foot in the door doing something to get your name out there? If so, who’s your favorite all time rapper?  We were the shredding string section for a rap duo. We got to play the Ryman Auditorium naturally, I really like Wu Tang.

Q: What’s the best and worst thing about being on the road?  Food. Sometimes its great, sometimes its the worst. But we all gotta eat!

Q: Moon Taxi one gets to play one more song, one more time, EVER (not that any of us want that to happen)…what is that song and why?  Bucket of Whiskey (listen here)


Tommy (bass)

Q: You have to cover one Michael Jackson song, what would it be?  The one that was on the “Free Willy” soundtrack.

Q: If you weren’t a band member in Moon Taxi, what would you be doing for career?  I would probably be sitting in my underwear somewhere eating cereal. You could call me a cereal killer. (Mindy: This is HILARIOUS!!)

Q: Now that you are living the dream, is there anything you’d change or do differently if you could go back and tell your younger self?  Yeah, I’d tell myself never to eat a burger from Fat Mo’s and that Taco Bell is a lot better than it’s reputation. It’s not grade D meat, it’s perfectly fine.


Spencer (guitar + programming)

Q: If you weren’t a band member in Moon Taxi, what would you be doing for career? Video Store Clerk

Q: Of all the places you have traveled and performed, what is your absolute favorite (or most memorable) venue/performance?  We’ve been some amazing places this Summer: Telluride, CO, Jackson Hole, WY and Pemberton, British Columbia are three that stick out. All remarkably beautiful and inspiring places.

Q: How did the band name, Moon Taxi, come about?  Late night with a Ouija Board

Q: I notice you all tend to play a lot of festivals, do you prefer this format or would you prefer to do more traditional tour with another band or two? Festivals are wonderful. They each have their own vibe and aesthetic. Being a part of something larger like that is great. They are also a good way to make new fans while giving your current fans a unique experience. The headlining shows are nice in that we usually have more time to play and really perfect elements like sound and lights.


Tyler (drummer)

Q: If you weren’t a band member in Moon Taxi, what would you be doing for career?  You would constantly hear my voice at the beginning of epic movie trailers saying, “In a world…”.

Q: Being a Nashville band, which is a great weekend get-a-way spot for us here in KY, what is your favorite “locally owned” restaurant and what is your favorite thing to order there?  I live right next to a spot called P.M., so I’m there every week.  Their burger is top-notch, and the crab wontons are addictive.  Of course, everyone is aware about the Nashville hot chicken craze, so trips to Hattie B’s, Bolton’s, and Prince’s are always explosively fantastic.  I’m a big fan of 5th & Taylor’s beer can chicken and the Elvis Presley moon pie, I’ve been recently inhaling tacos at a new spot downtown called Bakersfield (the short rib torta is my fav), Dasano‘s and 5 Points Pizza are my go-to “za” spots, and basically everything at Husk is incredible.  For brunch, I highly recommend visiting the lovely ladies at Tavern for a shot of bourbon and a PBR to go with your oyster and bacon scramble and red velvet waffle.

Q: I noticed you are True Detective fan…Season 2…nailed it or complete bust?  This season lost me for a bit, but I did like the ending of season 2 better than the ending of season 1. Overall, you can’t beat the originality of the story telling and the depth of the characters from the first season. I did love the music from this current season though, particularly Lera Lynn’s songs that were featured in the bar scenes and Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind” during the opening credits. That’s such a creepy tune.


Wes (keys)

Q: What other band (old or new) inspires Moon Taxi the most? Trevor and I went to see the Grateful Dead up in Chicago for their 50th anniversary concert. That really inspired us to be as creative and adventurous as possible on stage.

Q: If you weren’t a band member in Moon Taxi, what would you be doing for career? I would probably run a doggy daycare called “Pup of the Day, to Ya!”

Q: What do you guys do for fun when you are playing/practicing? Binge on a fav TV show, play games, hobbies? I have a strict workout and fitness routine that I adhere to daily. I watch what I eat and only go for low-calorie options. That’s what I do for fun.

Q: Which band member has the best dance moves? We are all awful dancers. The worst!


I must say the foodie in me is dying for a trip to Nashville now to do a food tour of Tyler’s favorite restaurants (man…what a kick ass list of places!)

A BIG THANK YOU to Moon Taxi for their time to answer all these questions! We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday…maybe we can even get you in some Kentucky Kicks Ass Gear!




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