In The Green.

In The Green.

In The Green.

Dress c/o E. Leigh’s Boutique | Hat | Booties | Bangles

Photography by Sarah Dunn

Location: Michler’s and The Kentucky Native Cafe | Lexington, KY

Before we even get into my brown, turned green thumb (There is hope out there people! I am proof!) let’s talk about this epic party, “Back to School Bash,” E.Leigh’s at The Summit is hosting all day tomorrow (9/7) with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony 2-5 PM. With every purchase you’ll get a free Cyclebar ride and a $15 spray tan from The Tan Van (sign me up!) 

From my new house photos and Instagram you’d never know that I didn’t always have a green thumb. Most all plants I bought died within a few weeks (…or days if we are being honest). I used to hate the thought of having plants in my house…insane, right? Now, I can’t get enough. I honestly don’t know how I cured my brown thumb…other than really, really wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig and putting it where I saw it often. I am constantly reading up on how to care for different plants now and learning what thrives in what light. They’re all over our Bham house…and I’m constantly keep adding newbies. Fiddle Leaf Figs are my favorite (seen at the top with the giant leaves at Michler’s) and they can be really easy or complete little boogers but gosh look so amazing in the house. (Do you struggle to keep one alive? Read this, or this, or this.)

My Top 5 Tips for mastering the finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig:

1) Lots of light (early AM is best) but not direct light (no harsh sun shining straight in on it). Keep the leaves clean of dust. Light can’t get in if there is a layer of dust on the leaves (a wet rag works just fine or they make plant polish).

2) Shower it with water once a week or more if you live in a dry climate. Showering means either put it in the shower, turn it on and let the water drain out of the pot…or if your Fiddle is too big like mine, put it outside, put a ton pitcher of water in it and let it drain out what it does not want. I add in grow food every few times

3) They love humid climate. I’ve put mine on the front patio during the last month of super humid AL weather.

4) They like their roots tight. Don’t put it in a huge pot and don’t break up the roots.

5) Don’t mess with them a lot. They like routine and consistency.

Other great house plants (If I’ve managed to keep them alive…you can too!): ZZ plant, Snake plant (low light), succulents (low water), cactus (lots of indirect light).


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  1. Joni Fowler

    So proud you’ve come over to the Green Side!! 🌳🌵🌿 I think that fig in my office is about 20 yrs old now!! Need to try a fiddle leaf at my house!

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