Hello Birmingham!

Hello Birmingham!

Hello Birmingham!


The mister and I are getting ready to embark on the biggest adventure of our married lives…we’re moving to Birmingham, AL this Friday! I have never lived outside of the greater Lexington, KY area (Richmond, KY for college does not count) and Jesse moved to Kentucky when he was just barely an adult so Lexington has been his second home. I still cannot believe this is happening.

Everyone has been asking me….“What’s going to happen to Love, Lexington now that you are leaving?!”

First we have to address what Love, Lexington is….it is a lifestyle blog about my life that was originally inspired by blogger, “Rosie, The Londoner.” Note that the comma in the name…it’s a love letter from “Lexington” which yes is a city in Kentucky but it is also me! I am “Lexington.” The blog got it’s start by sharing the things that Jesse and I love about this city (and still do) because that is what we were living every day. You’d be surprised how many followers I have that do not live in Lexington or Kentucky (I know I am!!) so I know it’s possible for Love, Lexington to continue on from another city or state.

I am not looking to sell the blog, Instagram, or Facebook page (unless we’re talking millions…then I might reconsider). It wouldn’t make sense as that person would never be me…not my voice, not my view point, not our photography…and that is what you, my follower, has invested in. Yes, the blog and Instagram are going to look a little different…I’ll be sharing food and events from Birmingham but I really want to focus more on building the lifestyle brand it was intended to be.

I will be starting two new series on the blog during this transition…each Monday a “Meet Your Maker” interview with one of the Market 301 vendors (this is still my event that I love more than anything I’ve ever done) and then each Friday I’ll be featuring a new cocktail (I’m obsessed with cocktails and it’s time to learn how to make my own and build up my home bar). I hope to share a little bit about our new house, the experience/challenges of moving to a brand new city, toss in a little travel (which Lexington will be a destination for us a few times a year), and keep a little fashion (possibly with the Lexington local boutiques I love so much). My life has changed a lot since starting Love, Lexington three years ago…and it is time for the blog to change with me.

I hope many of you will stay on board for the experience. As Love, Lexington continues to grow and evolve, I hope I can help shine a light on the talent coming out of Kentucky! In the end…I’m still a Kentucky girl…born and raised! Don’t worry…I’ll throw in a little bit of Lexington here and there on IG! I’m sure I’ll have days when I’m not sure how I’ll survive without County Club, Local Taco brunch, or Lexington Pasta!

Jesse and I will be tag teaming a new solely Birmingham focused Instagram called @badass_bham. The food, maker and event scene is huge…I bet I’ll have you visit in no time!



4 thoughts on “Hello Birmingham!

  1. Susan

    Good luck in your new endeavors, I look forward to seeing your blog continue and still throwing Lexington stuff in from time to time. I discovered your blog in my “love for Lexington”.

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      I’m working on a Best of Lex…I just need to get my life out of boxes before I can really give it a good go! 🙂 Thanks for following and loving Lexington!!

  2. Rev. Jerry Johns

    I wish you and Jesse the best life together and a wonderful adventure in Birmingham. Thanks for being so committed to highlighting and broadening experiences for local vendors, proprietors and restauranteurs. Thank you also for being an integral part of the faith community in Lexington. Here’s hoping you will find a church home in Alabama with an open spot in the worship band. Many blessings to you.

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      Thank you for the kind words and well wishes!! I’m sure we’ll get plugged in somewhere as that’s one of the easiest way to make friends and right now we don’t have many in B’ham 🙂

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