Green BEAN Delivery

Green BEAN Delivery


Who’s heard of Green BEAN delivery?

I had not, until recently…mostly because I’m not a big grocery store shopper…you all know we eat out most meals. However, I do like to make sure we have some healthy, fresh options at the house for snacking on and making simple lunches. I despise going to the grocery store (it’s really the worst) so I figured if I can get these thing straight to my door..why wouldn’t I give Green BEAN Delivery a try.

What a pleasant surprise! It’s this simple:

  1. Hop online and create an account
  2. Chose your bin size (all are a $35 minimum of produce)
  3. Either stick with the pre-crafted bin or tailor it to your needs. I filled mine full of fruits like bananas, grapes, a bag of apples then topped it off with some veggies.
  4. Add on groceries if you wish
  5. Set your first delivery date and wait patiently!

On delivery day a bin full of fresh, organic produce will be waiting for you on your door step. I have sampled all except my brussel sprouts (I think I’m going to roast them in bacon this week recipe here and maybe top with a little blue cheese…yum!) and my kale (which I will probably saute up with some over medium eggs) and I can say it has all been delicious, fresh, and of high quality. While some of the produce is local (the Feel Good Farm is located in Indiana and the EcOhio farm is just outside of Mason, OH) …what they cannot grow locally is organic (bananas, oranges, etc.).

Green BEAN Delivery has been kind enough to offer Love Lexington readers a discount code to try their service. First timer’s can take $15 off any bin with code 15LoveLex (expires 2/4/16). If you try it, let me know what you think (feel free to tag me…I’d love to know what you think! instgram: #lovelexingon @love_lexington)

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