Fusion Deep Conditioning { Atea Beauty }

Fusion Deep Conditioning { Atea Beauty }

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have very wavy (almost curly), hard-to-manage (def not the get-up-and-go), frizzy hair. Prior to starting the ombre/wavy style last fall, I would spend hundred of dollars every few months getting Brazilian Blowout‘s to keep my locks stick straight and frizz free. After all the controversy around them and what chemicals are and are not in them…I decided it was best to let those go…not to mention the cost paired with them.

When we started lightening my hair, I was concerned about the texture of my hair changing (which it had before with another stylist in town and I had to chop all my hair off…hello swing bob of two years ago). The stylists at Atea always put the integrity of your hair first and foremost. We almost always do a regular deep conditioning treatment on my hair every other visit to ensure my hair stays healthy, soft and manageable.

When Lydia (owner of Atea) told me that they are now offering a new Fusion Deep Conditioning treatment that restores the damaged, color-lifted hair, restores shine, and helps control frizz (my hair has been so frizzy the past few weeks with all this rain)literally booked my appointment and ran into the salon.


{ Before }

To start, Becca (stylist at Atea), began putting the two part, fusion deep conditioning treatment on my hair. Starting from the bottom and working the treatment up to my roots. This treatment begins, over a few weeks, restoring that color lifted hair (the part that I’ve turned blonde from my natural auburn color) .



Followed by a shampoo (aaahh this is my favorite part), condition, and rinse with my favorite, Davines (I swear by this product line thanks to Atea!)


For the first time since, pre-October 2014…the comb moved through my hair like butter! No joke. My hair is usually really tangled and coarse feeling after washing (pre-product) so I knew I was going to be pleased just from combing my hair.



Becca combed out my locks and then pampered me with a blowout (not the chemical kind) which I love because I rarely straighten my hair anymore.


HairyMindy-3366 HairyMindy-3361

All blown out and ready for my side, by side comparison pic!


{ After }

This photo really does this treatment justice. You can see the light reflecting off my hair (at the crown of my head). What I’m the happiest with is that I made it the entire, rainy, fourth of July weekend without putting my hair in a bun because it did not turn into a frizzy, hot mess.


{ Left: Before | Right: After }

From now until August 1st, Atea Beauty is offering all Love, Lexington followers a free blowout with this Fusion Deep Conditioning Treatment (the treatment is $45). All you have to do is mention that you saw it on Love, Lexington!

A big thanks to Becca (my stylist for the day) and Atea for making me beautiful!


{ Photography by Jesse Rohr }


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