Fringe { Fashion Friday}

Fringe { Fashion Friday}





Entwine Fringe Vintage Havana top | Topshop Leigh jeans |Rebecca Minkoff Gilles d’Orsay Espadrilles

It’s no secret that black is my favorite color. It would be embarrassing to disclose to how many black tops, dresses and pants I have. I’ve never really been one to wear a lot of color but think I should start adding some in for my summer wardrobe sake. I do however love when I find something black with some detail…like this open back fringe top from Entwine. It was a little chilly the day we shot these photos so I couldn’t rock it here…but I can’t wait to wear this top with cut off black denim shorts for a more boho/festival feel.

Side note…I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white jeans (aren’t we all always on a hunt for the perfect jeans?) and always see Sincerely Jules in these TopShop Moto jeans so I ordered a pair… They are super comfy and thin…which I hated at the time but will probably be great now that it’s 90 degrees out! Still not the perfect pair, but they are better than the 5-year-old, too low-rise AE ones I was holding on to.

Enwtine will be setting up for the Market at 301 on Friday, June 19th. They have a lot of great brands in their store but will have a lot of gifting goods out at the Market. Check the FB invite to join the Market @ 301 and see all the vendors!


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