Flower Crown.

Flower Crown.

When DC Blooms signed on board to be a vendor at the Market @ 301, I knew I had to rock a flower crown with her…especially as a way to stand out as the “host” of the event (and make me easily spotted for you guys to say hi!)

While it looks like would take a lot of time and energy to make, the DIY Flower crown is actually quite easy to put together. So easy, I now have a full white one and a red/pink one (that you saw at the Market).


What you need to make a crown:

  • 1 branch of small flowers (from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
  • 1 spool of green flower wire or green floral tape (I found I only needed the tape)
  • Wire cutters
  • Optional: smaller green or other colored flowers to weave in

Michael’s had this branch of small flowers (below) for $9.99 and usually 50% off (if not google a coupon code). It is plenty and all I used to make my white crown. For my red and pink crown I made the base with the red flowers and then used the pink smaller branches, weaving them in and out of the base.

First determine which part of the branch is the longest, as that will wrap majority of your head.


Next cut off the bottom of the branch and the smaller pieces.  Sorry I cut mine before I took a full photo….but this (above) is what it looked like attached.

Then you start to create a circle with the longer piece, as it will be the main part that wraps your head.  I have a huge head and had to attach a smaller brand to the circle to make it fit around my big-ol-knoggin. 


Once you determine the size of the crown (putting it on and off your head…do this in front of a mirror), you will connect the branches with the green floral tape or wire (I used the wire on my first crown and then covered it with the tape to secure it).



Then tuck in the extra flowers sticking out or add-on an additional branch of flowers to even out the crown. Once everything is taped and secure, you can mold the wire to fit your head best.

Lastly, pair with a kick-ass outfit and rock that crown! I promise more people (mostly old men) will want to know what is on your head and why…but I won’t stop me from sporting mine around town.


Thanks to DC Blooms for the flower crown tutorial! Head over and check out Deanna’s page for all things flowers!


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