Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! Congrats to our Cats for the win last night over Hampton. I really do hope we set a record this year and take home the championship, how incredible would that be?!

On a side note, you might notice that Love, Lexington has not been all food, all the time. It’s not what I wanted it to be when I started it and somehow that’s exactly what it turned in to. Love, Lexington is meant to be a lifestyle blog, not a food blog/restaurant blog. I love eating out and trying new foods, so I will continue to share those with you. Hopefully once this weather shapes up and we can get out and about more, I’ll be able to share more of my life and what we do for fun around Lexington besides eating. I really want to feature more local shops, more local fashion, food, events. This month I featured cocktails from Arcadium and next month I plan to run a 5 weeks series on shopping local.

I have been sharing a few t-shirts on Instagram and a I have had some feedback that people may have stopped following me because they just felt like I was slinging t-shirts….and that’s fine. That’s not my intent, I over committed myself to people as I wanted to launch the Love Lex tee (that was designed with my blog in mind), and I wanted to help a friend get his tee business some traction. It also helps give me content for the blog (do you know how hard it is to work full time and keep up 3-4 posts a week?). I get a handful of people a week asking me to share their tee’s and I turn them down…I only share what I believe in and I believe in Blue Originals, Shop Local KY, and High Street Fly and I will do all I can to help them be successful. I will try and tone down the tee’s but hope to increase some fashion. I can’t please everyone all the time and I am thankful for those who have followed me from the beginning and supported me.

Let’s get on to Favorite Things Friday! Blue Originals has allowed me to help design a t-shirt (my idea, his handy computer/printing work) and it’s perfect for the basketball tournament. If you need new BBN wears, head over and check it out (available in Blue and/or White).

Be sure to check out the “favorite Instagram” because their site is amazing?? You can design your own…I’m also crushing on “Slice, Slice Baby” and “Miso Hungry”.


Favorite Local.

Gypsy 05 Bikini Bottom - Urban Outfitters

Favorite Look.

This reminds me of that song that goes: It's like your my mirror oh oh a mirror staring back me staring back at me

Favorite Pup.

Beautiful photo of Mustang convertible. Love the angle, the cropping, the highlights - love the photo. Want the car!!!  Pinned from ETIENNE FORTE Photography. Golf Wang photographer.

Favorite Ride.

Beach waves perfect for summer.  Sit back, relax, and drink a MYX. Visit MYXFusions.com.

Favorite Hair.

Favorite Instagram.

Favorite Quote.

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  1. Love, Lexington Post author

    I know right! I want nothing more in life than a frenchie puppy! (but already have two dogs and three is chaos!)

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