Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday

Hi guys! It’s Friday!

Can you believe this weather? I’m hoping and praying and crossing my fingers this is the last of the snow. I’d prefer to not spend my St. Paddy’s day weekend shoveling snow.

Coming up next week on Love, Lexington…I’m launching new Kentucky Tee with Blue Originals (sneak peek here), more cocktails mixing, a High Street Fly collaboration with Pages of Style and Glitter & Gingham, and of course, Favorite Things Friday.

Stay warm!

Tennis + black pants + black top=perfect! |Lou What Wear | Style Spotting in Louisville

Favorite Look.

French bulldog swimming...just so everyone knows...my birthday is in November!

Favorite Pup.

art print, hand lettered, kentucky bluegrass

Favorite Local.

black Q7

Favorite Ride.


Favorite Hair.

Favorite Insta.

Favorite Quote.

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