Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday

 TGIF!  Man, what a long, frozen week! And guess what…it might not be over..they are calling for snow again on Sunday night (let’s hope they get this one wrong!). Take a deep breath and remember…just 20 days and 9 hours until spring! (throw yo’ hands up in the air!)

Next week, is going to be pretty exciting! I’ve collaborated with one of my t-shirt friends and will be sharing a new tee on Monday. Next week also starts the four week cocktail series with Ardacium. Be sure to come back Monday and check it all out.

Until then, here’s my Favorite Things Friday! Happy weekend!

Favorite Look.


Favorite Pup.

Favorite Local.

Favorite Dish.


Favorite Ride.

LOVIN | TheyAllHateUs Adore this hairstyle! Cant wait for this summer, now my hairs getting longer Im going to have so many more options!

Favorite Hair.

Favorite Insta.


Story of my life.

Favorite Quote.

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