Today, April 21st, is mine and Mr. Love Lexington’s wedding anniversary!! Numero Ocho (#8). Man how time flies.

I remember the day I spotted him, playing guitar, barefoot at a beach retreat when we were just little babies in college. I am beyond lucky to have such a great partner in crime…someone that I genuinely enjoy sharing life with and love more than I love myself. Without this man I would not be the person I am today (I’d still be eating blah boring food, I’d know nothing about photography or Instagram, and probably wouldn’t have started Love Lexington without his support and amazing photography skills!)

Don’t get me wrong, eight years hasn’t been easy…keeping a strong, happy marriage takes work. There’s days when we fight over the dishes, making the bed just like everyone else…but those are few and far between. It’s all about communication. You have to communicate with your partner…they are not and will never be mind readers. I’m not going to get all mushy on you or give you marriage advice…but I do invite you to celebrate with us! I wanted to share so really old photos (back to 2001)…but Facebook “save as” isn’t cooperating…so instead I’ll share some photos from the past few years which have been some of THE BEST!

Thanks for supporting, loving, and sharing life with me Mr. Love Lexington (mmuuuuahhhh!)







mindy wedding dress

mindy Jesse


Crystal wedding


year one

(^ Our 1 year anniversary!)

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