Craft Beer Tasting Party

Craft Beer Tasting Party

As I headed over to Country Boy Brewing this afternoon, to snatch up one of their limited edition, Double Barreled Shotgun Wedding bottles, it reminded me that I wanted to share with you a really fun idea for a holiday (or anytime really) party.

A Craft Beer Tasting Party.

Sounds tasty, right?

We hosted this “craft beer tasting” party as a holiday event last winter after attending one of these parties at another friends house earlier in 2013 and it was too much fun to not share with other groups of friends!


What you’ll need:

1. Friends (they won’t come if you don’t invite them….e-vite or facebook invites can get the word out best).

2. Pick up 1-2 sacks of brown paper lunch bags (you know, the kind you didn’t want to take your lunch in as a kid).

3.  A black marker.

4. A bowl (fish bowl, mixing bowl, mason jar….something to collect money in).

5. Plastic shot cups (can be found at Liquor barn) or mouth wash cups work too.

6. Pre-made score cards (I did three ways to score: best taste, best smell, and overall awesomeness).

7. Pens/pencils for keeping score.


What you do:

1. Tell your friends to bring $5 and a 6 pack of craft beer (no bud, coors, or pbr allowed…the more obscure the better).

2. As they arrive, collect the $5 and the craft beer from the guest (keep a list of who brought what beer and what # you assign it).

3. Take 2-3 (depending on the # of guests) of each beer and place them into the paper bags (keep the tops tight to conceal the beer). Mark each beer a different number. Don’t forget to keep your list (hidden) with the person, the beer, and the number (For example: Jesse/West Sixth Amber Ale/ #1)

4. Set the beer’s in bags around your counters, islands, or tables and let guests get to sampling and scoring.

5. After all guests have blind sampled all beers (by number),  you can begin tally the cards (I did this in excel to make it quick and easy). You can keep scoring simple, if you prefer, just give each beer one score instead of three and/or have your guest average each beers total.

Really, feel free to tailor the scoring/cards to whatever works best for you, the host.

6. Award the money based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (50%, 25%, 25% is how I split). If you have a tie (like we did), have a taste off!

Beer by number


BeerTasting 89

Your friends will love this party, think you are awesome for coming up with such a great idea, and they will get super into it trying to find the BEST beer to bring (because who doesn’t wanna win?!)

Taste Off


^Taste off!

Winner ^ The 2013 Winner (next to Mr. Love Lex who entered a beer but I wouldn’t allow him to win the $$ with Old Rasputin).