Give Me More County Club.

Give Me More County Club.

County Club always amazes me…their daily specials continue to be mind blowing with their simple, delicious, keep-me-coming-back-for-more dishes (and wanting these specials to make a more routine appearance!)

First the “Return of the Mac”literally the most incredible take on McDonald’s Big Mac. Two patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles and of course…special sauce, all layered up…just for you (and me!)


(Photo c/o @countyclub on Instagram)

Then this past weekend, the smoked meat ball sandwich. Holy mackerel…and this coming from someone who’s not a huge meatball fan…let’s just say the balls were so good, the guys ordered extra balls on the side.


I also tested out a usual weekend brunch menu item for the first time…the Smokey Pimento Cheese (with smoked bacon!). Killer! I actually stopped back in and had the pimento cheese again on Sunday…and I’m not ashamed to admit that I went to County Club twice in less than 24 hours.


How some Lexingtonians have still not eaten here is beyond me, I could eat here every single day of my life. The food is locally sourced whenever possible, the sauces are made in house, the breads are from the famous Sunrise Bakery, and it’s quite literally some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth. I have never had a meal that I wasn’t head-over-heels for.

I’m curious…1) Have  you tried out County Club? 2) Do you have a “usual” dish? or 3) Do you live wild and try to always get something new, like these specials?


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  2. Alison

    “How Lexingtonians have *still* not eaten here is beyond me.”
    Way to generalize: Some of us HAVE eaten there. I’ve followed Johnny Shipley’s cooking around this town. I love County Club, but I have a fairly low tolerance for smoked meat: There’s only so much of it that I can eat, so I hit County Club every couple of months. I never eat the same thing. I love his salads, because they embody such a variety of flavors and textures.

    I don’t know what Lexington you’re living in, but my Lexington knows and loves County Club, and has since its opening nearly two years ago.

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      I didn’t mean it in a mean way…I meant that it’s such an amazing place there sound be 20 in town. I meet someone everyday that’s never eaten there or even knows it exists (along with many other downtown restaurants.) Johnny is a great chef and I love everything he produces. If he had 7 restaurants if seriously eat at one every night.

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