Country Boy + Jenga.

Country Boy + Jenga.


On Sunday, to celebrate Lexington Craft Beer week and show our friends some more of the local festivities, we headed over to Country Boy for “Sunday Funday” and giant jenga. If you are asking yourself…Huh, giant jenga? It’s exactly what you think it is. Huge, life size, jenga…not that sad little table game that you played in the 90’s.

We filled up our glasses, sampling Nacho Bait, Cougar Bait, Ghost Gose, and Country Western II and headed out back to the patio.



The jenga can usually be located in a box out on the patio or right inside the brewery door (by the patio/bathrooms). Go ahead, drag that bad boy outside, set it up and waste away hours on a lazy Sunday!



I’m always impressed with how high we get our jenga tower…


and I cringe as it gets wobbly and starts leaning left or right because you just know what’s coming next.



When it tumbles to the ground, hold onto your jenga piece and get those tootsies outta the way! 


If jenga is not your game, go ahead and give the barrel corn hole a try! It’s way harder than traditional corn hole.


It’s been a bit since I’ve been on Country Boy’s patio, but this addition to the patio is great! You don’t even need to leave your jenga game to get a refill. Look closely to find an old Chevy tail gate hosting the taps.



It’s gets a little toasty out there so pop up an umbrella and claim your stake to a barrel to prevent sunburns and melting. As always BYOF (Bring Your Own Fan).



Promise me if you have not tried the new Country Western II, the collaboration between West Sixth and Country Boy that you will get out this weekend and stop by either of our two local breweries and give it a try. You can usually make an evening of it as the food trucks roll up (try those too…you know I’m a huge fan of food trucks!)

You still have  a few days left of Lexington Craft Beer Week and you can check out the details here. I will likely be heading out to West Sixth Saturday night for the big blowout from 5-Close. Come join us and say hi!