Cheese Please.

Cheese Please.

Table 310 is one Lexington restaurant that is quickly growing on me. Mostly because I love nothing more than an quality cheese and charcuterie spread and 310 nails it! Mr. Love Lexington and I usually hit up this little spot at least once a week.


We have already determined in earlier posts that I’m not a wine snob…as long as the red isn’t too bold I’m pretty much down. Table 310’s house red is perfect for me. It pairs well with most dishes (and of course cheese) and you cannot beat the price. A carafe will run you around $14 (a glass and a half for each of us).




Who’s that handsome bearded man??

That would be Mr. Love Lexington…it’s rare that he’s on the flip side of the lens. Doesn’t he is looking rather dashing in his new specs? Not to mention he’s pretty happy he can actually read the menu board on the opposite side of the restaurant with his updated prescription.


What I secretly love most about 310 is the ambiance (this can really make or break a restaurant for me). It reminds me of being in New York City (minus being jam packed in like sardines…which is kinda the worst…). So kudos to the decorator! If I could have a renovated, downtown loft or condo that looks just like this…my life would be complete!


I, stuck to my usual cheese and charcuterie {fromage (goat blue cheese), drunken goat (goat semi-hard cheese), and the chirizo}. Mister decided to change it up and give the burger a-go (being recommended over the hanger steak by our waiter)…which was a great choice! He devoured it before I was even half way through my cheeses.


When I say Table 310 knows cheese and charcuterie…this spread ^^ is what I’m talking about. The accoutrements are perfection! I usually request extra of the sweet jam because it’s the first to disappear and pairs perfectly with the blue cheese.

Am I the only one that eats cheese for dinner? Please tell me I’m not alone on this.

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